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Q: How many days did Barack Obama serve as US Senator?
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Who is the best these days?

Barack Obama

How many working days did Barack Obama serve in the US Senate total?

768 days before he started his presidential campaign, 1416 days total.

How many more days in Barack Obama's presidency?

How many more days is obama in office

How many vacation days Barack Obama?


What is Barack Obama's career?

These days, Barack Obama's career is being the President of the United States. But prior to that, his career was in law: he was a civil rights attorney and a professor of law. He entered politics in 1996, winning his first election and serving as an Illinois State Senator.

How does Barack Obama make his money?

President Obama earned a salary as U.S. senator and as a law professor. These days, he earns a salary as president (currently $400,000 a year), and he also earns royalties from his two best-selling books.

What are the release dates for California's Gold - 1991 Barack Obama's California College Days?

California's Gold - 1991 Barack Obama's California College Days was released on: USA: 13 November 2008

How many attendance days did Obama serve in the US Senate?

143 days

What did it take for Barack Obama to become president?

He had to first work as a state senator, then a U.S. senator and then he ran for president. While there are a few exceptions, these days, it is rare for a candidate for president to run without first having worked in government-- usually as a state governor or a state or U.S. senator or representative.

Is Obama the youngest president out of all of them?

No. Barack Obama is not at 47 years,5 months,16 days. He ranks #5 `

What does Barack Obama drive?

These days, President Obama does not drive. For security reasons, presidents ride in a special limousine and have an official driver.

Did Barack Obama have a girlfriend?

No, not these days-- he is happily married to Michelle Obama. But before he got married, he did have several girlfriends, but the relationships did not work out.

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