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Depends on you state laws. In most states you have no legal right to return a car unless there is fraud involved.

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Q: How many days legally do you have to return a car and get your money back?
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How long is a bank money order good for?

Money orders are good for 90 days from date of sale. That is any money order. If after 90 days, the issuing bank may charge a fee to return the money order for the cash back.

What is the return policy of Walmart for a Cars Leapster game?

As long as you return the item with its original packaging and a receipt within 14 days, Walmart will give you back your money. Walmart is famous for its return policy.

What are car return laws in Massachusetts?

You are protected under the lemon laws in Massachusetts. You can return a car for repairs or money back if repairs have not been met within 7 days of purchase.

How soon can you get your tax return money back?

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When will the federal tax return arrive?

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How do I return shoes I bought online and get my money back?

According to Amazon's return policy, you have 30 days in which to return your shoes. You'll simply fill out the form and submit the request:

How many days do you have to return clothes with penney coupon codes?

You can return the clothes within 30 days as long as you have the receipt and have not damaged the clothing whatsoever and have faith that they will take it back.

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Can you return a car after 3 days?

Only if the selling dealer agrees to take it back. Otherwise it is yours and there is no legal way to return it.

Does a landlord have 60 days to give a deposit back to renter?

Of course. In most states he has 30 days to return your deposit.

What is the return policy if one were to buy a brochure box through Amazon?

The return policy for a brochure box from Amazon is the same as most purchases from Amazon, comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. They have very good feedback from their customers that have purchased this.

What average return-on-investment do power management software promise?

30 day trial and if anytime during the 30 days you think that the power management system is not for you, you receive your money back.

How much money will walmart give back for a used laptop?

Walmart does no buy used laptops. If you buy a laptop from them you have 15 days to return it. After that time you must contact the manufactures for warranty service.

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It depends on where in the US you have sent your federal tax return, as to how long it will take for you to get it back. But the estimated time for you to get your federal tax return back would be around 8-14 days.

Can you get a refund on a jewelry deposit?

It depends of the store policy. Make sure you read all the paperwork and also ask about the return policy. I think when you get a custom made piece you wont be able to get your money back. Some places have 30 days money back when you buy something form their stock. If you buy online or in store always ask about the return and exchange policy. That will avoid you a lot of misunderstanding later.

Can you return a used car in the state of Indiana if you decide you do not want it?

There is no return law on a vehicle purchased in Indiana or any other state. You bought it and you own it. The only way you legally can return it in Indiana is if the dealer does not provide you with a title in 21 days. You then must demand the title in writing and the dealer has another 10 days to supply you with the title. If you do not get it after that time period you can return the car and demand a refund.

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If you buy a car and have five days to keep it and after the five days you dont think you can pay for it can you take it back?

A contract is a legally binding agreement unless it states otherwise. If the contract says you have five days to bring it back, you can bring it back. A dealer may be nice enough to let you bring it back if you explain the circumstances but after it leaves their lot, they usually do not care.

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What is the law in Ohio for returning a Used Car?

In the state of Ohio, a person has 3 days by law to return a used or even a new car. The dealership or person must take the car back and refund any money due.

Are there exceptions to the 3 day return for Consumer electronics?

It depends where you buy your products from and what kind of product it is. For example, you can't buy a DVD or a video game and take it back in request for your money unless its in its original package.Thus in that case you have more than 3 days to take it back with the receipt.

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