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How many days legally do you have to return a car and get your money back?


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2015-07-15 19:15:26
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Depends on you state laws. In most states you have no legal right to return a car unless there is fraud involved.


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Money orders are good for 90 days from date of sale. That is any money order. If after 90 days, the issuing bank may charge a fee to return the money order for the cash back.

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As long as you return the item with its original packaging and a receipt within 14 days, Walmart will give you back your money. Walmart is famous for its return policy.

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You are protected under the lemon laws in Massachusetts. You can return a car for repairs or money back if repairs have not been met within 7 days of purchase.

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If you Efile and elect to have your return direct deposited then you could have your return in as little as 8-14 days. If you file a paper return and wait for a check to be mailed to you then it will take a Minimum of 6-8 weeks or longer.

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A federal tax return is a form, like Form 1040, which you fill out and send to the government. If they owe you money back, that is called a refund. Your return will typically arrive two to five days after you mail it.

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