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a few days...or like 2 months


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A month can be an interval of 28, 29, 30, or 31 days. (Look at a calendar.) 640 days = 20.6452 months of 31 days. (rounded) 21.3333 months of 30 days. (rounded) 22.0690 months of 29 days. (rounded) 22.8571 months of 28 days. (rounded)

You need a broker's license for your state. look into it online.

it depends on the number of days in each month because every month has a different amount of days so just look at the calender and look at the last numberd dates for 4 different months then add them up

Young platypuses stay with their mother for about four months (115-125 days). They are nursed for the first three months.

You could look in a pond, pool, and any other watery place which water is not cleaned for days or even months too!

go to HQ if your a agent go around saying wheres the pin!!! and they might tell you look around club penguin

It looks like asian calenders but it consists of 10 months and 304 days

sorry but you should have the answer that is why we look on your website because it should answer every question we have from ray 19999

Depends on which months you are looking at. You would be better suited to look at it in days because that number is constant. 4000 hours/ 24 hours per day = 166.7 days You could get an average answer for the number of days in a month by taking 365 days / 12 months = 30.4 days. Now divide 166.7 by 30.4 and you get 5.5 months. Note* Each of these equations were rounded to the tenth decimal place. The actual answer will be slightly different. If you follow the formula without rounding an exact number can be found.

ALWAYS look on the corners of the box and on the days of the week one ALL of the months have at least 28 days. It's all based on logic.

Hair tests normally look back at least 90 days or three months. You may not pass the test.

well look on neptunes site and it may tell how much days,weeks,months,or years.

Everyday you go on your horses page and look after it it ages by two months, unless your horse has the water of youth when it ages by one month. So assuming that you look after your horse every day and it hasn't got a water of youth then six days.

The best thing to do is call the car lot and ask them. Usually a car lot will give you 30 days to return the vehicle. It really depends on the dealership. That depends on the laws of your state and the contract that you signed. Look for verbage regarding recission of the contract.

The months have the following days: January - 31 February - 28/29 for leap year March - 31 April - 30 May - 31 June - 30 July - 31 August - 31 September - 30 October - 31 November - 30 December - 31 This can be easily remembered by bending all your fingers over and pointing your hands like fists towards you. If you look across knuckles and grooves, the knuckles are months with 31 days, the grooves are months with fewer.

Well lets see look on the Internet and u will find it but mainly its6 months so yeah

well look for some body who is a agent and make friends and do privatechat and say can you make me a agent please and they might. donee

I suggest It isn't an actual agent but agents sometimes look for people on the website.

In answering your question I suggest that you look at the laws in your state. If the dealer still has your vehicle you do have the chance to walk away from the vehicle depending on what your state says about the lemon laws. In my opinion I would ask for my money back and look for a vehicle that does not have to be repaired the point at which you buy it. If the dealer refuse's then you have a legal right to contact a lawyer or depending on the amount go to small claims court. In closing REMEMBER the Lemon Laws in your state are there to protect you and use them well.

There are many ways to find an agent. You can look in your phone book for local agents, or search on-line. It all depends on whether you want a local agent, or a big time, Hollywood agent.

Do a google search of agency's. there are tons. look for one that is near LA or NYC. also you must have scripts that are fully written in order for an agent to even look at it

The vehicle vin is on the driver side front of the dashboard. If you look at the windshield and look back towards the steering wheel it will be on the drivers side.

agent pyramid at the dessert

There can be many relays on a vehicle. We need to know which one and what vehicle you have.

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