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Q: How many days to when your toy fox terrier comes in heat do you breed her to have puppies?
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How long does a Boston terrier take to have their puppies?

64 to 69 days

Your yorkie pups are 15 days old and their eyes are not open Yorkshire terrier puppies eyes not opened?

puppies will open their eyes from 10 to 18 days. this depends alot on the breed and the pups themselves.if they have not opened there eyes consult you vet,but whatever you do DON'T force their eyes pen

How many puppies can a patterdale terrier have?

the patterdale carries pups up to 67 days or if your lucky 60 days

How many day for puppies to be born?

About 63-65 days for a small dog breed, or about 60-70 days for a larger dog

How many days is a Yorkshire terrier pregnant for?

In dogs, gestation (pregnancy) normally lasts 9 weeks (63 days). However, puppies may be delivered between 58 and 68 days.

What would happen if you were to breed your dog female at 3 days into its heat?

It would get little puppies inside her.

How long do it take for a Jack Russell to have puppies?

The gestation period for dogs, including the Jack Russell Terrier, is 63 days, on average. The average litter size for a Jack Russell is from 4 to 8 puppies. .

How many days does it take for a Bull Terrier to have puppies?

Our female staffie was put with stud on 14 February, puppies arrived on 8 April. Labour started the evening before, she did need vets help and cesarean

If your beagle was breed October 2 when will she have puppies?

Around December 2 is, its about 63 days gestation:) Hope this helps

Your Yorkshire Terrier is due to have puppies in 4 days and she has been hiding and not coming out is she about to have her puppies early?

She might, but then again, she might be hiding the pain that's interfering, I recommend you taking her to a vet, once you find her, to have her checked out, just to make sure. :)

When does milk come in after the birth of puppies?

A mother dog is like any other mother. The first day the puppies get colostrum and the milk comes through pure after a couple of days.

How long does it take for your petz to grow up on petz 5 computer game?

it takes 3 days for them to grow up and become adult when they're adults they can breed and have kittens/puppies maximum of 4 kittens/puppies per litter you can also crossbreed and have crossbreed kittens/puppies