How many deaths has ther been on the Swiss wall?

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How many branches are ther in your government?

Learn some english. "there" not "ther" "there" (see what i did "there") are 3 branches in our government. Go learn some civics please. Tu madre and tu padre .

How many deaths have there been in professional wrestling?

There have been 100 deaths from 21-63 years old Chris Von Erich - 21 Mike Von Erich - 23 Louie Spiccoli - 27 Art Barr - 28 Gino Hernandez - 29 Jay Youngblood - 30 Rick McGraw - 30 Joey Marella - 30 Ed Gatner - 31 Buzz Sawyer - 32 Crash Holly - 32 Kerry Von Erich - 33 D.J. Pet ( Full Answer )

How many teams are ther in NRL?

16 1.Broncos 2.Cowboys 3.Raiders 4.Eels 5.Bulldogs 6.Panthers 7.Sharks 8.Dragons 9.Sea Eagles 10.Rabbitohs 11.Storm 12.Roosters 13.Knights 14.Tigers 15.Warriors 16.Titans

How many seconds are ther in a year?

365 days multiplied by 24 hours in a day= 8760 hours in a year. Take 8760 hours multiply by 60 minutes in a hour= 525,600 minutes in a year. Take 525,600 minutes and multiply it by 60 seconds in a minute= 3,153,600 seconds in a year

How many deaths have there been playing rugby?

In the 110 years that rugby has been played, there has been only 71 recorded deaths in the sport. These were mostly from broken necks during collapsed scrums, and from hard head collisions causing concussions or alot worse. A tragic incident in Australia saw a 16 year old boy collide with a goal pos ( Full Answer )

How many deaths have there been playing soccer?

There are not many deaths associated for those playing soccer eachyear. The average is about one or two each year and it is mostlydue to accidents and not actual game play.

Why isn't the gunpowder ther by the great wall of china?

I'm guessing you mean why it was not used for defense or weaponary. The answer is that the Chinese did not find a weaponary use for gunpowder, they used it mainly for fireworks. The Europeans were the first to use gunpowder for weapons.

How many lives have been saved by death?

obvously you would know the answer to this question if you had seen the movie 7 pounds staring will smith the answer is 7 lives have been save by 1 death. now go home and watch it.

How many deaths have their been in Africa?

about few thousand deaths every day in Africa and about couple of millions each year. at the other side there are also about few thousand little kids born every day. about 70 percent of the kids born in Africa have a life time of a week or less so the deaths and lifes are nearly 50/50 on avera ( Full Answer )

How many vampire deaths have there been?

Deaths caused because they thought someone was a vampire: a few hundreds, possibly. Deaths caused by people who thought they were vampires: Several tens. Deaths caused by vampires themselves: none.

How many dance types are ther?

there is a lot of types of dancing. jazz, ballet, tap, show group, acro, hip hop, ballroom, belly, group, contra, Irish, line, and A . Acro dance . Allemande . Arkan (Ukrainian, Hutsul) . Ardha (Arab tribal war dance) . Argentine Tango . Anaconda ([Snake Dance]) . Arial . Attan (Pashtun ( Full Answer )

How many motocross deaths has there been in 2010?

At least one, fourteen-year-old Suzuki rider Jesse Masterpool suffered a serious crash at the Lake Whitney Amateur National on Saturday, March 13, 2010. Masterpool was in stable but critical condition in an Intensive Care Unit for a week, but despite close care of neurologists and trauma surgeons, M ( Full Answer )

How many deaths has there been in rugby league?

There have been 6, 847 recorded deaths in the national rugby league. But they didnt start recording this stat since 1983, so there may be many more then just this.

How many deaths have been cause be racism?

Using race in its normal definition, millions of deaths. Races have been killing or starving other races since history began. If you consider Jews a race - as many do - then 6 million were killed in about a decade ending 1945.

How many deaths have the freemasons been responsible for?

It would be very surprising if anyone's death, ever, in the almost three hundred years since the first Grand Lodge was formed was caused by any Masonic organization. Of course, that is a lot of time and there are a lot of people involved. However, the purpose of Masonry is to help people and not to ( Full Answer )

How many deaths have been in outerspace?

in actual space which is classed as 100km above the Earth there have been 6 Georgiy Timofeyevich Dobrovolsky (Russian: June 1, 1928, Odessa, Ukrainian SSR - June 30, 1971) was a Soviet cosmonaut. He flew on the Soyuz 11 mission and had the unfortunate distinction of being part of the second S ( Full Answer )

Who was sentenced to death after ther civil war?

The governor of Andersonville prison camp (Wirz) The landlady of the Maryland boarding-house where Lincoln's assassination was planned, and the weapons and ammunition distributed. (Mrs. Surratt).

How many sacraments of initiation are ther?

In the Roman Catholic Tradition, there are 3. Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist (Holy Communion). In most Protestant churches, Baptism and Communion are the only sacraments.

How many people where ther in beano?

Loads and loads there were 3 bears ballboy Denis and gnasher billy whiz the bash street kids and loads more I can't remember

How many Swiss presidents has there been?

Switzerland has a different president every year. The first was Jonas Furrer in 1848. The current (2012) president is Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf. Some presidents have served more than one term, so the total is about 150. See the link below for a full list.