Empire State Building

How many deaths while building empire state building?

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How Many deaths occurred while building the Empire state Building?

According to official accounts, five workers died during the construction (Wikipedia info)

How many fatalities were incurred while building the Empire State Buildinghe Empire State Buidi?


How much did workers earn while building the Empire State Building?

48.00 a week

How many workers died while constructing the Empire State Building?


Is the empire state building taller or shorter then mt Everest?

Much shorter. The Empire State Building is 1,454 feet tall, while Mt. Everst is 29,029 feet tall. That's a difference of 27,575 feet!

What is so special about the Empire State Building?

Nothing, really. It was the world's tallest building for a while, and it was considered an engineering feat, but now it is no longer a very amazing building.

Is the Empire State Building bigger Than The Effiel tower?

Yes, the Empire State Building is taller and larger than the Eiffel Tower. The Empire State Building measures 1,250 feet (381 meters) to the roof and 1,454 feet (443.2 meters) to the top of its spire while the Eiffel Tower is 1,050 feet (320 meters) at its highest point.

What were the main causes of deaths while building pyramids?

the heavens opening

What happens if you jumped off the empire state building?

While your falling down the empire state building you would explode, You would be split into pieces. The reason why you would explode is because human body can only reach to a certain speed until it explode.

What is different between multi story buliding and tall building?

For instance a tall light house building has only one floor while Empire State Building (a multi storey building) has 102 floors.

How do you fly like superman in gta 4?

Jump of the empire state building and while your falling sing a micheal jackson song. :)

How much taller was the pyramids in Egypt than the Empire State Building?

Actually, the Empire State Building is taller.The ESB is about 450 meters tall, while the highest pyramid was about 146 meters when it was just completed, but due to corrosion is now just 139 meters tall.

What 102-story 1046-foot building was dedicated in New York City in 1931?

AnswerEmpire State Building.AnswerYeah, that's what I thought. Except, the Empire State Building is 1454 feet tall. Not counting the rod, it is still 1250 feet tall. From the ground floor to the 102nd-floor observatory is 1224 feet.The 86th floor observatory is 1050 feet -- very close to the 1046 mentioned in the question -- however, nobody in their right mind would call the 86th floor observatory the "top" of the Empire State Building, since it's really, really, really NOT.I was thinking maybe the person who asked the question confused the Empire State Building with the Chrysler Building? The Chrysler Building is 1046 feet, while the Empire State Building is 1454 feet, 102 stories, and opened in 1931.

Which was taller Empire State Building or new york world trade center's twin towers?

Twin towers were taller they were 110 stories while the empire state building was 102 stories etb - 1250 (1454 at the top of the antenna) wtc1 - 1368 (1732 top of the antenna) wtc2 -1362

Is the Big Apple the same as the Empire State?

No. The "Big Apple" is New York City, while the state of New York is the "Empire State".

How many people died while building the Statue of Liberty?

I found no historical data on deaths while building the Statue of LIberty. A death in 1929 was listed as the first death. A man jumped from the window in the crown.

Names of all people who died while building Hoover Dam?

There were 112 deaths associated with the building of Hoover Dam -- too many to list and most of them completely unknown.

Coping with fears of thunder and lightning?

Wear huge knight armor in the middle of a thunderstorm and swing a sword back and forth while having a barbecue on the top of the Empire State Building

What are some Tourist attractions in New York?

Some places to visit while in New York City are the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, numerous fine restaurants, the Rockefeller building, Macy's and other stores, and many more.

How many deaths while building the panama canal?

Estimates range from 25000 to 27500. The leading authority, quoted the lower of the 2 numbers.

What's a historical spot in New York City?

New York City is famous for Strawberry Fields, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. Many people also like to check out a musical while there.

Was there any deaths with the building of the sears tower?

there was one death and that was jarod froyberg. he fell off the sixty seventh floor while placing a steel frame.

How many people were injured while building the chrysler building?

There were many people injured while building the Chrysler Building. There were seven people killed while building the Chrysler Building..

What was Twain's and James argument against building an American empire?

it was over the size and the place the building should be. twain wanted it next kmart, while james wanted it next to aldi

How many people were killed in the construction of St. Louis arch?

There seems to be no deaths while building the St. Louis Arch and no stats as to how many men were injured.