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How many decibels of sound will kill you?


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March 21, 2010 3:30PM

Exactly 200 decibels will kill a human being because by 100 decibels isequivalent to a rifle 5 feet away causing a person to become partially deaf. By 150 decibels a average 160 pound person will begin to fell vibrations through there body and equivalent to 60 thousand pounds of TNT fired ten feet away from a person. Lastly by 200 decibels the bones that vibrates to form sound can not withstand the sound and blast directly into the brain causing the person to die immediately If that doesn't happen after a few seconds of such high noise frequencies the brain will become unable to withstand the intense vibrations and actually explode literally it will not cause the cranium (skull) to automatically blow to bits but the brain is ultra sensitive so it would just burst and the blood would eventually leak out the ears.