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How many degrees in a directional compass?

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βˆ™ 2009-04-11 20:35:46

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there are 360 degrees in a compass

2009-04-11 20:35:46
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How many degrees are on the dial of a compass?

360 degrees

What function does a compass rose serve on a map?

A compass rose serves as a directional device.

What does compass mean in geography?

a compass is a directional object made by the magnetic forces of the earth

What is the name of the directional indicator on a map?

Compass Rose

How many degrees in a compass point?


How many degrees are between northeast and southeast on a compass?

90 degrees

How many degrees are there on a compass?

Three Hundred Sixty

How many degrees from north to south on a compass?


Instrument with a needle that points north?

You must be talking about a compass, a directional tool.

What kind of tool is used to assist in drawing circles?

Most of the time, a tool called a "compass" is used to draw perfect circles. This compass is not to be mistaken with a directional compass.

How many opposite rays are there in a directional compass and what are they?

there are at least 4, they are N and S, E and W, NW and SE, NE and SW

What are identified by numbers that represent the orientation in compass degrees rounded to the nearest ten?

Compass bearings - to the nearest 10 degrees.

What 30 degrees east of south means?

Our modern compasses are graduated in degrees, where there are 360 degrees in a circle. "South" can be a direction; as a compass direction, it means "180 degrees". A compass direction of "east" is 90 degrees. So, "30 degrees east of south" is the direction that we would normally refer to as a compass reading of 150 degrees.

What is the compass bearing WNW?

292.5 degrees

Which direction has a compass of 135 degrees?

135 degrees is SE

What are identified by numbers that represent the orientation in compass degrees rounded?

Compass bearings.

How do you convert 90 degrees to 135 degrees on the compass?

Add 45°.

What is degrees of heading?

The degrees of heading is used in navigation, and means the compass point (in degrees) of travel.

What compass bearing is south?

180 degrees.

What compass bearing in South?

180 degrees

What is the compass bearing of sun rise in South Carolina?

The compass bearing of south is 180 degrees

How do you spell compus?

The spelling "compass" is a directional tool, or a drafting device.The similar word campus means the grounds of a school.

What is the difference between omni directional and directional antennas?

An omni directional antenne receives or transmits signals from all directions as in 360 degrees. A directional antenne is aimed in a specific direction so that it may direct an outgoing signal to or receive a signal from a specific source.

What is the angle of approach of the 2007 Jeep Compass?

The 2007 Jeep Compass has a 21.0 degrees angle of approach.

What is the angle of approach of the 2008 Jeep Compass?

The 2008 Jeep Compass has a 20.3 degrees angle of approach.