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How many degrees of longitude are there between the prime meridian and the section of the international date line that lies directly on a line og longitude?


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September 21, 2011 5:45PM

We were going along fine there until we got almost to the end of the question.

That's where we found that you too are one of the huge number of people who

thinks that there's a standard set of "lines".

There isn't. Some maps and globes have some lines of constant latitude and

longitude printed on them, and some don't. The ones that do may have them

printed every 45 degrees, or every 30 degrees, or every 20, 15 or 10 degrees.

It's completely up to the publisher of the globe or the map. The mapping software

that I use will print a line every 2 seconds of longitude if I want them. That would

be 648,000 lines of longitude around the world.

If the International Date Line had not been zigged and zagged to avoid splitting

states, countries, or islands into two different calendar dates, it would have

exactly followed the meridian of 180 degrees longitude ... directly opposite the

Prime Meridian and 180 degrees away from it, both east and west.