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There are 10 liters in a dekaliter/decaliter, therefore there are 1/10 dekaliters in a liter.
10 daL

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How much dekaliters are in 1 liter?

One liter = 0.1 dekaliters.

How many 2-liter bottles would you need if you needed 30 dekaliters?


How many dekaliters in a milliliter?


How do you convert dekaliters to kiloliters?

Kiloliter = 1000 liter Hectoliter = 100 liter Dekaliter = 10 liter Accordingly, to convert from dekaliter to kiloliter divide by 100 (one hundred).

How many dekaliters are in 900 deciliters?

1 decaliter = 100 deciliter 1 liter = 10 deciliter 900 dl (deciliters) = 9 dal (decaliters)

How many liters in 45 dekaliters?

1 dekaliter is equal to 10 liters. 45 dekaliters is equal to 450 liters.

How many dekaliters in 9 kiloliters?


40 liters equal how many dekaliters?


How many dekaliters in 365 deciliters?

3.65 dekalitres.

How many dekaliters are in 45.3 centliters?

It is 0.0453 dekalitres.

How would you convert from kiloliters to dekaliters?

Kiloliters x 100 = dekaliters

What does 0.06425 dekaliters equal in centiliters?

0.06425 dekaliters are equal to 64.25 centiliters.

How many dekaliters are in a kiloliter?

100 dekalitres = 1 kilolitre

How many dekaliters in 2.35 kiloliters?

There are 235 decalitres in 2.35 kilolitres.

How many liters are in 2 dekaliter?

20 liters per two dekaliters.

How many liters equal 5 dal?

5 dekaliters = 50 liters.

How many liters are in 0.987 dekaliters?

There are 10 liters in each dekaliter, so there are 9.87 liters in each dekaliter. Put the 0 in the dekaliters place then move the decimal one place to the right. 9.87 liters.

Dekaliters are larger than kiloliters?


4.2 deciliters equals how many dekaliters?

1 Decalitre = 100 Decilitres 4.2 Decilitres = 0.042 Decalitres

How many millimeters is in 7 dekaliters?

A millimetre is a unit of length. A decalitre is a unit of capacity. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many centimeters are in 1234.5678 dekaliters?

A centimetre is a unit of distance. A decalitre is a unit of capacity. The two units are therefore incompatible.

What volume measurement comes after dekaliters?

A hectoliter comes after a dekaliter.

Is a hectoliter smaller than a dekaliter?

no a hectoliter is equal to 10 dekaliters

How many L in a daL?

It is important to know conversion between units when preparing a recipe. There are exactly 10 liters in one daL(dekaliters).

How many dekaliters are in 70.73 hectoliter?

1 hectolitre = 10 dekalitres so 70.73 hectolitres = 10*70.73 = 707.3 dekalitres. Simple!