Comparative Religions and Denominations

How many denominations of churches are there?

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-The Chosen Elect


-Southern Baptist

-Southern Conservative

-Strict Baptist

-Independent Baptist

-National Baptist

-Black Primitive Baptist

-Conservative Baptist





-African Methodist

-Chinese Methodist

-Christian Methodist

-British Methodist

-Primitive Methodist




-Lutheran Orthodox






-Jehovah's Witnesses

-Aaronic Order

-Latter Day


-Seventh-day Adventist




-Roman Catholic

-Latin Catholic

-Coptic Catholic








-Byzantine (Constantinopolitan)

-Ukrainian Greek Catholic

-Melkite Greek Catholic


-Hungarian Greek

-Ruthenian Catholic

-Belarusian Greek Catholic

-Bulgarian Greek Catholic

-Slovak Greek Catholic

-Croatian Greek Catholic

-Italo-Albanian Catholic

-Greek Byzantine Catholic

-Macedonian Greek Catholic

-Russian Byzantine Catholic

-Georgian Byzantine Catholic

-Brazilian Catholic

-Mexican National Catholic

-Celtic Catholic

-Ancient Apostolic

-True Catholic

-Polish National Catholic

-Free Catholic

-Liberal Catholic

-Palmarian Catholic

-Spiritus Christi

-Russian Orthodox

-Eastern Orthodox

-Oriental Orthodox






-Beachy Amish

-Nebraska Amish

-Old Order Amish

-Swartzendruber Amish


-Greek Orthodox

-Liberal Catholic

-Orthodox Catholic


-Open Brethren

-Exclusive Brethren

-Indian Brethren

-Kerala Brethren

-River Brethren

-Social Brethren





there is also nondenominational which is not a religion but a relationship with god

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How many christian denominations wash feet?

8% of evangelical denominations practice feet washing as an ordinance. Such as brethren churches, Churches of God General Conference churches and others.

How many denominations of churches are there in one church?

There are no denominations within one church. There are many denominations within Christianity, but each is a church in its own right.

Where do Zambia pray?

Zambia has many churches of all denominations.

What is the meaning of the word denominations?

The word denominations means separate named or valued forms. For example:1) currency (Paper money is printed in various denominations.)2) churches (The Baptist church has many different denominations.)

What are some websites to find out about different denominations of churches?

Information about different denominations of churches can be found on Wikipedia. This information can also be found on sites like Net Ministries, Religion Facts, and A Study of Denominations.

Is there a church in Gulf Shores?

There are many churches in Gulf Shores, representing all the major denominations. Here is a list: http://www.gulfshoreslocal.com/Churches/churches.shtml

How many forms of Christianity is there?

Denominations of Christians: Roman Catholics Orthodox Protestant Anglican The Free Churches Pentecostal many other free churches.... baptist, methodist, etc.....

What are some churches?

Some of the denominations of churches is Baptist, Penacostal, Mormon, Church of Christ and Jehovah witnesses

Which Christian denominations do not have sacraments?

Protestantism and most Independent churches.

What religion uses a church?

All denominations of Christianity have churches.

What type of churches use baptistry?

Many different denominations use baptism and thus the "baptistry". Most common is the "Baptist" denomination, however, you will find that most protestant denominations baptise.

What denominations fall under Protestant?

There are many different denominations in the Christian religion. Most types of Christian churches are Protestant. Western Christian churches which separated from the Roman Catholic church and followed the reform movement are known as Protestant. Examples are Presbyterian, Baptist, and Methodist.

What are the names of the churches that belong to Protestant denominations?

Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, just to name a few. There are many more.

What were the presbyterian holy days?

Presbyterians did, and still do, celebrate the holy days of the Liturgical Calendar as it is followed by many churches and denominations worldwide.

Does Heber City have to do anything with non Mormons?

Well, there are many non-Mormons who live there, and there are churches of several other denominations in Heber.

What are the three types of churches of Christianity?

There are estimated to be around 30,000 denominations of Christianity. The three main denominations are Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism.

What christian churches only baptize adults?

Some Christian denominations believe in baptizing the children of believers shortly after birth.Some of the larger denominations that practice believers’ or adult baptism include Baptists, Pentecostals and Churches of Christ.

How many types of churches?

At last count there are well over 300 denominations with memberships of over 100,000 people. There are many, many more groups with lesser numbers.

Do all Christian denominations have an altar?

No, not all. Some Baptist churches do not have an altar, for example.

Which Christian denominations allow polygamy?

None of the mainstream Christian denominations allow polygamy, especially in countries where it is illegal. There are several offshoot cults and churches which allow polygamy, but these are usually individual small churches (<1000 people) that cannot be considered denominations. There are some individuals, religious and not religious, who practice polygamy individually as well.

What is the difference between a Christian and a Protestant?

Christianity has many divisions, or 'denominations'. The oldest existing denominations are the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. The Protestant Churches broke away from the Roman Catholic Church in the 1500s.Members of all these denominations are Christians, whether they are Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant.AnswerThe only difference would arise is when the person who is a member of a Protestant church is not a Christian but only a church member. Not all churches require people to be Christians in fact, to be members. Many in fact are not. Many churches also do not require their leaders and pastor/preachers etc to be Christians eitherFurther to this, many Protestants are in fact Christians (as are many Catholics) and in theory at least there ought not to be any difference between a Protestant and a Christian.

What is the difference between the Anglican and protestant churches?

The Anglican Church is one of many Protestant denominations. All Anglicans are Protestants, but not all Protestants are Anglicans.

What are the divisions of Christianity?

The one, holy catholic and Apostolic Catholic Church Various denominations of Orthodox churches Some 30,000 Protestant denominations A number of denominations that are only borderline Christian - Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, for example.

Is the pentecostal and presbyterians churches protestant religion?

Yes, both are considered to be protestant Christian denominations.

What kind of religion is protestantism?

This is a very broad question. There are literally thousands of protestant denominations. Basically, protestant denominations rooted from Catholicism. They have different beliefs on the bible which varies every denomination. Protestant churches are Christian but not Catholic or Orthodox. Protestant churches are Christian.

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