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How many dialects are in India?

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2000 different dialects

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Which English language is used in India?

There is only one English language, with many dialects. The English dialects of India are unique to India, but are largely based on British English.

How many different language and dialects does India have?


How do they say hello in India?

There are many dialects in India. In Hindi (northern India) I believe it is "Namaste"

What language do Patel's speak?

patel's are from India but India has many many dialects, so it would depend on what area they are from.

Why are there so many official languages in India?

Many dialects; most languages in India come from one of two families: Indo-Aryan or Dravidian.

What are the dialects can be found in India?

Doosra and Teesra

How many Japanese dialects are there in the world?

* there are 300 dialects at the most

How many dialects in language?

It depends on the language. Some have few dialects, and some have many. Some even have dialects that cannot understand each other.

How many dialects of Japanese are there?

Follow the link for a list of Japanese dialects.

How many different dialects are there in English?

Uncounted numbers. There are regional dialects, cultural dialects, class dialects, international dialects. In fact, every English speaker has his own dialect, called an idiolect.

Does the word Law rhyme with the word war?

In some dialects of English it does (or it nearly does), e.g. in some British dialects or New England dialects, and in many other dialects it does not, e.g. in most American dialects.

How do you say the menu please you in India?

There are around 300 languages and dialects in India, so which language would you like to know about.

Why were so many dialects spoken in medieval England?

a list of dialects in the UK

What country have many dialects in Guinness World of Records?

Philippines ! 62 dialects

How many Chinese dialects are there being practiced around the world?

There are 26 Dialects being practiced around the world there are or were between 40,800 and 41,000 dialects.

How many dialects are in Japan?

Here's the list of dialects in Japan :)

How many dialects are spoken in Spain?

There are 14 regional dialects in Spain, just like in America.

How many spanish dialects are there?


How many dialects does the Philippines have?


How many dialects are there in the Philippines?


How many dialects are there in bicol?

a lot

Does England have many different dialects?

Yes, many.

How many total dialects?

How many trees are in a forest.

How many different dialects are there in the world?

There are 6,912 main languages and 39,491 alternate language names and dialects

How many dialects there in the Albanian language?

two dialects Geg in north (including kosovo) and Tosk in south