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How many died at pearl harbour?

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The dead at the Battle of Pearl harbour were:

Americans: 2,402

Japanese: 64

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How many us men died at pearl harbor?

I'm not sure about men but i know that 2403 people died in the pearl harbour attack.

How was Pearl Harbor connected to World War II?

Pearl harbour was one of many beautiful places bombed in world war two there is a movie about pearl harbour being bombed by japan called pearl harbour

Where is pearl arbour?

i think you mean pearl harbour, the american harbour.

What was Pearl Harbour about?

The Attack on Pearl Harbour was When the Japanese forces attacked pearl harbour Hawaii as they thought the Americans were planning on attacking the Japanese

What was the attack of pearl harbor?

The attack of Pearl Harbour is the Japanese attacking a port in Hawaii. Pearl Harbour

Is pearl harbour the deepest natural harbour?

No, Pearl Harbor is actually a shallow harbor

Where is Pearl Harbour?

Pearl Harbour is near Pearl City, on the Island of Oahu, in Hawaii;about 10 kilometres northwest of Honolulu.

How many us battleships were damaged at Pearl Harbor?

six battleships were damaged at pearl harbour

Was Pearl Harbor a ship or place?

Answer:A place. Some port on an island in the Pacific OceanAnswer:Pearl harbour is a large natural harbour on Hawaii which was filled with US navy ships when the Japanese fleet launched an air attack on it.My AnswerPearl Harbour is two things in common usage: It was and still is a Harbour where ships stopIt was the site of the opening attack by the Japanese against the USA during WWII and this event is referred to as "Pearl Harbour" EG: "I was at Pearl Harbour"If you mean that you visited Pearl Harbour the correct way to say that is "I visited Pearl Harbour. "

Why did men join the navy of pearl harbor?

There is no such country as 'Pearl Harbour" and thus there is no 'navy of pearl harbour'. Pearl Harbour is a US harbour in the Hawaiian islands and thus the navy based there is the US Navy and US citizens who want to defend their country will join that navy to do so.

What part of japan was bombed in World War 2 by Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbour was bombed by the Jaqpenese on December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbour is a Harbour in Hawaii, it did not bomb Japan. Japan bombed it. =)

Did any kids die in the pearl harbor war?

No children died in the Pearl Harbour attack. It was early in the morning and the navy yards were attacked.

When was Pearl Harbor Built?

Pearl Harbour was built in 1911.

What year was pearl harbour?


What is the conclusion of Pearl Harbour?

It was rubbish

Who attacked the Americans in pearl harbor?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour.

What happended during the attack of pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbour was attacked.

Where did the bombing of pearl harbour took place?

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

How do you spell Pearl Harbor?

British-English: Pearl HarbourAmerican-English: Pearl Harbor

Who lead the bombing of pearl harbour?

the akagi

What was the battle northwest of Hawaii?

pearl harbour

Where do you find a good website on the story of pearl harbor?

pearl harbour

How would you describe Pearl Harbor bombing?

It happened in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii.

Reaction paper about the movie pearl harbour?

reaction about the movie pearl harbor

Was Hawaii ever attacked?

Many times over its history. Most recently at Pearl Harbour