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How many died in World War 2?

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62 million.
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There really is no definite number, but it is somewhere between 110 million and 150 million.
Over 60,000,000 people died in WW2. That is over 2.5% of the world's population.
The most recent recount is 71 million dead in World War 2 worldwide.
allies lost 11200 and axis lost 222000 men

Edit; The Western Allies lost 800,000 fighting the Germans and there is no way of confirming how many Germans, Chinese or Japanese were killed. That does not include the Russian losses which were 27,000,000 The firebombing of Japan was indiscriminate even before the Atomic bombs. As there are many questions about Christians who died in the war, it should be borne in mind that certain religions and races were specific targets of the German regime. This, for example, puts Jews in a whole different category to Christians who were not specifically targeted. Even the Nationality of most of the Jews remain unknown or even whether they were classed as German of some other, or even counted as casualties at all. Were they Axis casualties or not? Were they Allied civilians? I should add that of the captive German soldiers taken to Russia after the war, a very small number made it back to Germany. This was probably connected to Stalin's exclamation that not one German soldier would be released until Stalingrad was rebuilt.
Between 50-70 million soldiers died 40,000 American soldiers died 6 million Jews died and 1.5 million Jewish kids died!
55 million
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How many British children died in World War 2?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI do not know an exact number, but I would guess at only a minority. The fact that many were sent away from the main towns and cities affected by bombing kept them safer. Disease was probably a bigger killer than bombs.\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nThere had been much fear ( Full Answer )

How many Canadians died in World War 2 and at which battles?

First the bare facts............ During World war Two, a total of 42,789 Canadian military personell were killed during their service. A further 97,988 were wounded, many of them loosing a limb, such as a arm or a leg, and some cases, they were multiple amputees, meaning that for the rest of their ( Full Answer )

How many people died in the Pacific in World War 2?

Allies - China, USA, UK, Australia, Philippines, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, France, USSR: . 4,440,000 military casualties . 24 million civilian casualties Axis - Japan: . 2,133,915 military casualties . 580,000 civilian casualties

How many Soviet citizens died in World War 2.?

Answer . \nAnswers to this cannot be stated with certainty or accuracy.\n. \nOfficially, at the end of the war, the Soviets claimed about 20,000,000 dead for the military and civilian. Of this about 8,000,000 were military.\n. \nOf the remaining 12,000,000, these were deaths from all causes. ( Full Answer )

How many Nazis died in World War 2?

Answer . This is an enduring conflict. Some Germans wer Party members, many who were not members were still loyal Germans. At the point of its ascension to power in 1933 its membership was only about two million. At the highest membership point the Nazi party existed at the 8.5 million level. Ma ( Full Answer )

How many people in England died in World War 2?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI assume you mean civilian casualties?\n. \nThe number of dead from German bombing and V weapons was about 65,000 non-military in the British Isles for the entire war.\n. \nMost of these died during the 'blitz' which was an intense air campaign the Germans ran from ( Full Answer )

How many German soldiers died in World War 2?

Answer . It is now almost universally accepted that the German military suffered approximately 2,800,000 dead. This includes roughly 500,000 who died as prisoners. Answer . A commonly quoted figure is about 5.5 million German military dead. 1,120,000 werchmacht soldier 400,000 red army soldiers ( Full Answer )

How many German males died in World War 2?

The number killed in action was 2,303,320; died of wounds, disease or accidents 500,165; 11,000 sentenced to death by court martial; 2,007,571 missing in action or unaccounted for after the war; 25,000 suicides; 12,000 unknown ; 459,475 confirmed POW deaths, of whom 77,000 were in the custody of t ( Full Answer )

How many Russian soldiers died in World War 2?

The USSR suffered well over 25 Million casualties, of whom an indeterminate number served in the Red Army, as partisans, or were civilian victims. Many of these victims were of the Jewish religion and decent which were terminated in concentration camps such as Auschwitz.

How many Americans died during World war 2?

419,000 Americans died during World War 2, This includes 415 Military Deaths (Including American Colonies) and 2,000 Civilian Deaths. Over 60 million people. The range is from 50 million to 70 million. :(

How many Poles died in World War 2?

Answer . The figure generally given is 5 million, of whom about 3 million were Jews.. It has become customary to list the dead in the areas annexed by the USSR in 1939 with the Ukrainian and Belorussian dead. If one takes the territory of Poland on the eve of World War 2, the figure would be hig ( Full Answer )

How many people died in 2 world war?

The numbers listed below are from a high school textbook are estimated.. Axis Powers include:. Japan military -1,740,000 civilian - 3939,400. Italy military -226,900 civilian - 60,000. Germany military-3,250,000 civilian-2,350,000. 5 Primary Allied Powers:. United States military-405,000 civil ( Full Answer )

How many men died during World war 2?

during world war 2: 17 million allied soldiers were killed 45 million allied civilias were killed 8 million axis soldiers were killed 4 millio axis civilians were killed so a total of about 75 million dead, which was equivilent of about 2.37% of the worlds population

How many died in Russia in World War 2?

If you go to the related question, "How many people died in World War 2?" you will see that there isn't one answer, but the estimates range from around 45 million to 65 million. These figures are intended to represent the number of DEAD (as opposed to "casualties," which include dead, wounded and ( Full Answer )

How many German children died in World War 2?

No one will ever be able to give a precise number, but, very, verymany. Since the end of the war the German government (governments,during the Cold War Era) have made several efforts to arrive atnumbers of military and civilian deaths, but no precision ispossible. Who would you include? Only German ( Full Answer )

How many people died on World War 2?

Due to the impossibility of keeping exact records during World War 2, the death toll is not exact. It is considered that between 60 to 72 million people died during World War 2 from battle injuries, world wide sicknesses, dehydration, starvation, tropical illnesses, murder, genocide (holocaust of Je ( Full Answer )

How many Europeans died in world war 2?

Including all European countries, it's estimated that about justover 19 Million people killed in WW2 were part of list of Europeancountries in WW2.

How many non-Jews died in World War 2?

If the question is asking euphemistically how many Non-Jews died inthe Holocaust, it is 5 million civilians. If the question is asking overall, World War II was responsible60-85 million deaths. As there were only 6.3 million Jewish deaths(6 million from the Holocaust and 0.3 million from Jewish sol ( Full Answer )

How many solgers died in world war 2?

MILITARY ONLY Soviet 16,400,000 Germany 2,800,000 Britain 400,000 France 212,000 dead Italy 330,000 dead Japan 1,900,000 dead China 4,000,000 dead Australia 23,000 dead Romania 500,000 dead Poland 400,000 dead Hangary 300,000 dead Yugoslavia 300,000 dead Finland 100,000 dead Philippines 30,000 dead ( Full Answer )

How many brittans died during world war 2?

451,000 British People were killed during World War 2, 384,000 being Military Recorded deaths and 67,000 Civilian Deaths. The civilians deaths were mostly from the Blitzkrieg Bombings in the UK and rest from the Channel Islands captured by the Nazi Germans.

How many SS soldiers died in World War 2?

The true total of casualties amongst the Waffen-SS will probably never be known, but one estimate indicates that they suffered 180,000 dead, 400,000 wounded and 40,000 missing. [115] World War II casualties indicates that the Waffen-SS suffered 314,000 killed and missing, or 34.9%. By comparison th ( Full Answer )

Exactly how many people died in world war 2?

The total number of deaths, including civilians was approximately 61 million people. There is no 100% accurate answer on this matter. People can argue that it is 72 million deaths, but others will argue that it is between 50-70 million deaths total Wikipedia article "World War II Casualties" favo ( Full Answer )

How many people died from sickness in world war 2?

There is no exact record of how many people world wide died from sicknesses during World War 2 because it was not an age of computer records and millions were simply buried and never were reported to officials. There were also crooked officials who did not record a lot of the deaths. Did you know th ( Full Answer )

How many soldiers died in World War 2 in Italy?

This information comes from Wikipedia under the heading of World War 2 **Population**Military Deaths **Civilian Deaths**Jewish deaths**Total Deaths . Italy . 44,394,000. 301,400** . 145,100**. 8,000**. 454,500.

How many germans died after World War 2?

From The Oxford Companion to World War II. At least I think that is the name of the book. Anyway it is the total death toll. I have seen another chart like this on either the National Archives or The US Army Museum site. I can't remember now. AXIS. MILITARY. CIVILIAN. TOTAL. GERMANY. 3,500,00 ( Full Answer )

How many serbian died during World War 2?

Around 1.03 Million Serbians died during World War 2, This includes 450,000 Military Recorded Deaths and 553,000 Civilian Deaths. Serbians were located in Yugoslavia during World War 2.

How many died at Bastogne World War 2?

There were over 3000 Allied Forces casualties (deaths) in the Battle of Bastogne. I could not find a number of the German deaths. It could be they don't even know how many Germans and Axis Forces troops died in that battle.

How many Romanians died in World War 2?

the number of the Romanians that died in ww2 is about 300,000 translating to ROMANIAN 300,000 de soldar o murit in ww2 si nu ei frumos ce tosumplat.

How many zipsys died in World War 2?

Hitler killed thousands of gypsies and some died in the bombings but most made it to safety hiding in the forests, escaping to Spain or Switzerland.

How many male died in world war 2?

Approximately 60 million people of all genders. WW2 was notable as the first war that really caused mass civilian deaths therefore approximately 40 percent were civilians.

How many Jews died in Germany after world war 2?

You should understand that the Holocaust ended when WW II ended. At the time the war ended, there were few Jews left alive in Germany or anywhere in Europe, and of those who were still alive, almost all of them left Europe to move to Israel, once they were able to do so. As a result, very few Jews h ( Full Answer )

How many babies died from bombs in World War 2?

We don't know exactly. Most bombing victims were Germans and some 500,000 German civilians died from Allied bombings. Unlike today when children killed in armed conflict get mentioned prominently if only to get sympathy in public opinion, back in WW II children and babies were simply part of the gen ( Full Answer )