Dieting and Weight Loss

How many diets are there today?


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Too many to mention, more than we need. And most don't work. For weight loss, you need only one and for it to work, it must focus on your metabolism. Its about knowing not only what to eat but when and how to eat it. Good eating habits should combine with a little regular exercise to achieve your ideal weight and and good health.


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There are many low carb diets in the world today, and with the use of internet you can easily find what you are looking for. Here is a website that gives info on a variety of low carb diets:

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The raw food cleanse is one of the more popular diets today. In U.S. News and Health it is ranked 18th in best diets overall, 2nd in best weight-loss diets, 13th in best heart healthy diets, and 14th in best diabetes diets.

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Deep cleanse body diets are the latest fad among celebrities today. These type of diets should not be used by anyone that has an ongoing medical problems.

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There are many successful diets that have worked for people. One of the most famous diets today is the HGC diet. This diet helps you loose a pound a day and then some.

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There are many fad diets thriving in the US today. Some notable ones are the Atkins Diet, the Zone diet, the Pritikin diet, and other various fad diets.

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