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Too many to mention, more than we need. And most don't work. For weight loss, you need only one and for it to work, it must focus on your metabolism. Its about knowing not only what to eat but when and how to eat it. Good eating habits should combine with a little regular exercise to achieve your ideal weight and and good health.

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Q: How many diets are there today?
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How many people use the raw food cleanse diet?

The raw food cleanse is one of the more popular diets today. In U.S. News and Health it is ranked 18th in best diets overall, 2nd in best weight-loss diets, 13th in best heart healthy diets, and 14th in best diabetes diets.

What are the risk factors of cleanse diets?

Deep cleanse body diets are the latest fad among celebrities today. These type of diets should not be used by anyone that has an ongoing medical problems.

What type of diet programs actually have worked for some people?

There are many successful diets that have worked for people. One of the most famous diets today is the HGC diet. This diet helps you loose a pound a day and then some.

What diet besides the south beach diet is popular in the U.S?

There are many fad diets thriving in the US today. Some notable ones are the Atkins Diet, the Zone diet, the Pritikin diet, and other various fad diets.

What kind of diet can I get on to lower my cholesterol?

There are many diets out there today that claim to lower your chloresterol, but the honest truth is that it depends on your individual phisique. Some common diets are the atkins diet, south beach diet, low sodium diets, etc. First decide what your body is absorbing, then attack the weight from that perspective.

What kind of healthy diets are available?

With so many diets out there today it is hard to pin point just 1. Best bet would be search diet plans and im sure you will come up with probably several hundred programs.

How many types of Diet are there?

There are actually MANY different types of diets, probably to many to name, but diets are usually categorized, because diets are different from one another, example no carb diet, and a strict carb diet.

Are there sample diabetic diets online?

You can find many sample diets for people who suffer from diabetes. But, the best place to turn to is your doctor, not to the internet for diets and food choices.

How many people in the US do diets?

About 50%

What are the top diets that work fast?

Diets aren't for everyone, and different diets can work better for different people than others. Counting calories is one that many have success with.

How many Americans are on diets?

How many Americans are on a diet to lose weight?

What are some free diet meal plans?

There are many diets out there today. Keep in mind that every persons body is different and different diets work for different people. Weight watchers is a good place to go. They do have places you can go to to get information for free depending on where you live, or online there are many different options they offer to get the diet thats right for you.

Are there any articles that compare health diets?

There are no specific articles that compare health diets, however there are many articles online which discuss benefits, pros and cons between various fad diets and such.

What should be reduced in the diets of many people?


Are there any websites that could help me find very low calorie diets**?

There are many very low calorie diets. Here is a website with quite a comprehensive lists of different diets that fall under this category.

Which diets are the most effective?

There are so many diets out there, you may have to try several to find the one that works best for you and for your body. Here's a website that shows user ratings for several of these diets:

What are the different therapeutic diets?

One of the different types of a therapeutic diet is the liquid diet. Also, soft diets, diabetic diets, low calorie diets, and low sodium diets are common therapeutic diets.

Does prison allow diets?

The prison I was in allowed diets. Like kosher diets, diets based on any allergies, etc.

What research has been done on diets?

In 2001, researchers found that three times as many people on moderate fat weight loss diets stuck to their plan compared to those on traditional low-fat diets.

What are some diets that reduce uric acid intake?

Some of the diets that reduce uric acid intake is a veggie diet. You can also find many other diets by going online or talking to your doctor or pharmacist.

Are there specific diets for blood types?

There are specific diets for weight loss according to blood type, but like many other diets, none have been conclusively proven to work. There is no magic bullet for weight loss.

Where can I find information about diets for people with celiac disease?

There are many sites that offer you diets for people with celiac disease. This is a disease of the colon. Gluten free diet is one of the best diets available that helps with the pain.

What are the best easy diets out there?

There is no such thing as a healthy easy diet. Easy diets on the market today put you at risk of health problems. The best and safest way to lose weight is a simple diet plan mixed with exercise.

What is routine hospital diet?

There are different types of routine hospital diets depending on why a person is hospitalized. There are low sodium diets, regular diets, soft diets and liquid diets.

How much was farthing in the medieval times?

As we have today, there much farting in the Middle Ages. Diets have not changed much over the centuries.