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There R 6

1) nintendogs daschund & friends

2) nintendogs chihauhau & friends

3) nibtendogs dalmatian and friends

4) nintendogs lab and friends ( was nintendogs shiba inu and friends but changed the name and still has the shiba as a starting breed on it)

5) nintendogs best friends

6) nintendogs + cats ( comes out with the 3DS) only 4 de 3ds)

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โˆ™ 2011-02-24 20:20:47
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Q: How many different Nintendogs games are there?
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Is there a Nintendogs 2?

Well...not exactly. Nintendogs has made different types of games...(dashound and friends, chiuiah and friends)

What dogs do Nintendogs have?

Nintendogs has different games with different types of dogs on them. Such as the Labrador & Friends game, which has Miniature Pinscher, Shiba Inu, and much more.

What are all the different Nintendogs games?

there are a total of 6 nintendogs games. #1 Nintendogs Labrador Retriever & Friends #2 Nintendogs Dachshund & Friends #3 Nintendogs Dalmation & Friends #4 Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends #5 Nintendogs Best Friends (this one only came with a special limited edition Nintendogs ds) #6 Nintendogs + Cats (this one comes out next year only for the Nintendo 3DS)

What is the game ID for Nintendogs best friends?

All of the games have different ID's.

Can it snow on Nintendogs?

No. Unfortunately Nintendo added no weather to the Nintendogs or Nintendogs + Cats games.

How do you get different clocks on Nintendogs?

You get different clocks on nintendogs by walking your dog alot.

Why can't dogs on Nintendogs have babies?

idk why they didnt let nintendogs have babys but if you have the manual for nintendogs it will say that none of the nintendogs games allows you to have babies.

What are all of the dogs you can get on Nintendogs?

There are 3 different games you can have for nintendogs, but all 3 games put together, you can have.... Dashund Dalmation Calvalier King Charles Spaniel Chihuahua Labs German Shepherd that's all i can think of

Which version of Nintendogs have Bichon Frises?

None of the four Nintendogs games have a Bichon Frise in them.

How many Nintendogs games are there and what are they called?

There are only 4 types of nintendogs. They are dalmation, golden retriever, duchshund and chihuahua. All of them have 'and friends' at the end, but that's just the name.

Is it possible for Nintendogs to have babies?

no, but in all the petz games it is

How do you have multiple games saved on Nintendogs?

You can't. Sorry.

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