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the breeds are endless, u can always mix match different breeds to make ur own breed

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Different types of breads?

800 different types of breads

Can chickens eat strawberry tops?

Yes. Chickens can eat just about every fruit or veggie. They can even eat grains such as breads.

How many chickens are there?

It's impossible to make an accurate count of how many chickens there are in the world. There are hundreds of different breeds of chickens and many millions of chickens living in the world at any one time.

Can chickens have blue eyes?

Yes, many different breeds of chickens can have blue eyes

What is the plural of the word bread?

The plural of bread may be bread or breads. Usually, one refers to many loaves of bread, or many different types of bread, but the word breads is not unknown.

What products can aeration be in?

aeration can by in many different products such as cakes, breads, baked cereals.

What ingredients grow mold?

There are many different kinds of ingredients that grow mold. Fruits and breads can grow many different kinds of mold.

What are the different type of breads?

There are many different types and every culture has its favorites, including flatbreads; like pita, tortillas, and naan, and yeast breads; like rye, whole wheat, semolina and white bread.

How many breads of horses are in the world?

There are around 200 different breeds of horses in the world.

How many recognized breeds of chickens are there?

I believe there are at least 746 different breeds of chicken. These range from standard chickens to dinosaurs.

How many breads are there in the world?

There are thousands of different regional and local breads around the world. Bread is one of the oldest components of the human diet. Many of them are culturally based. For instance, Nan is Indian and a baguette is French.

Why do chickens egg colored?

The chicken are in different colour because of the different bread of chickens.

What breads did ancient egyptians eat?

They ate wholemeal bread, made by many different types of wheat.

How many chickens can you eat?

97 chickens is approximately how many chickens you can eat.

Is yeast used in breads?

sometimes its used in many breads like pizza

What are the different kinds of chickens to raise?

Some different types of chickens to raise will be to provide meat or eggs.

Do white chickens lay white eggs?

Not necessarily. Different breeds of chickens lay different colored eggs.

How many different types of eggs are there?

If you mean in color - there are white and brown. If you mean breed ,then there are many,about 50-60 different types of chickens who produce different eggs.

How are ducklings different from chickens?

ducks are different for chickens because chickens lay eggs and ducks don't+ ducks live in rivers and chicks don't like water

Do chickens have hip bones?

Chickens have 17 hip bones, which all perform a different task in the chickens movement

What are chickens eating habits?

well chickens really can eat pretty much anything you give them but they usually just eat corn,grass,and breads but if they're hungry enough they could even eat each other

How many different combinations are there from dinner choices with 3 different salads 2 breads 4 main dishes 3 vegetables and four desserts?


How many dog breads are they?

about a 100

How many breads of dogs are there and what are they?

There are too many different dogs in the world to name or even count. i mean, you could count them, but it would take forever.

What are different types of breads?

If you are asking what types of breads there are, then there are many different types, shapes, and sizes. Then there are the different countries that make bread differently. The most common kinds of bread are: rye, wheat, white, whole meal or whole wheat bead, mixed grain, sourdough, bagel, and gluetin free bread.