How many different kinds of atoms are there in an aluminium can?


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Ultrapure aluminium contain only aluminium atoms.

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The chemical formula of aluminium oxide is Al2O3: 2 atoms of aluminium and 3 atoms of oxygen.

21 different kinds of atoms

No different ones, just Oxygen atoms.

Aluminium chloride (AlCl3) contain 4 atoms.

94 kinds of atoms occur naturally on earth

The chemical formula of aluminium oxide is Al2O3: five atoms.

Aluminium dioxide doesn't exist.Al2O3 has 2 aluminium atoms and 3 oxygen atoms.

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The chemical formula of aluminium sulfate is Al2(SO4)3: 17 atoms in the molecule.

1 it is easily broken because it is not an element element can't be broken very easily there made up of 2 kinds atoms that can't easily be separated

Aluminium Sulphide: Al2S3 Atoms: 5

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92 kinds of atoms Hope this helped :)

This molecule contain two aluminium atoms.

The number of aluminium atoms ia 0,44638973.10e23.

Al2O3 2 Al atoms and 3 O atoms = 5 atoms in total.

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