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The chemical formula of ethanol is C2H5OH; ethanol contain carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

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How many hydrogen atoms are contained in one mole of ethanol?

There are 6 hydrogen atoms in every molecule of ethanol.

Which element is contained in alcohol?

Pure ethanol contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Is ethanol a element?

no ethanol is not an element. Ethanol is an Organic compound.

The functional group contained in the compound CH3CH2OH is an?

The functional group is the OH (hydroxyl group), which makes the molecule an alcohol (ethanol).

How many carbon atoms are in the molecule ethanol?

There are two carbon atoms in a molecule of ethanol.

What are the differences and similarities between molecule and element?

A molecule contain : # 2-3 atoms of an element; ex.: the molecule of ozone,O3, with 3 oxygen atoms. # many atoms from different elements; ex.: the molecule of ethanol, C2H5OH, with 2 carbon atoms, 6 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. An atom is formed from protons, neutrons and electrons; and a molecule is formed from atoms.

How many atoms make up a molecule of ethanol (C2H6O)?

The molecule of ethanol has 9 atoms.

Does ethanol contains molecules?

Ethanol is C2H6O and it is an example of molecule.

How many atoms are in the molecule of ethanol?

there are 9 atoms in a molecule of ethanol,its molecular formula is CH3-CH2-OH

What is the total number of atoms in ethanol molecule?

there are 9 atoms in a molecule of ethanol. its molecular formula is : CH3, CH2, OH

Is there dipole-dipole forces in ethanol?

Yes. there are, as ethanol is a polar molecule.

Why is ethanol molecular?

Ethanol is a covalent molecule with the formula, CH3CH2OH and hence it is molecular.

Is ethanol an element or compound?

Ethanol is a compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Where is ethanol on the periodic table?

Ethanol is not an element, it's formula is c2h5oh

How many carbon atoms in ethanol?

In a single molecule of ethanol there are 2 carbon atoms as denoted in the molecular formula for ethanol C2H5OH.

How many carbon atoms does ethanol have?

The molecular formula of ethanol is C2H4O. This shows that each molecule of ethanol contains two carbon atoms.

Is ethyl alcohol polar?

Ethanol is a polar molecule.

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