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How many different types of computers are there?


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January 14, 2013 5:18AM


This question is far too broad:

In chip architectures: There are several in current use, but there are 3 that are most common. Intel's x86 and AMD's x64 are used in almost all modern PCs. There are IBM's PowerPC chips such as the ones in use in old Macintoshes, Playstations and other consoles. Then there are ARM processors used on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch, and most smartphones and handhelds.

In hardware configurations: There are almost unlimited combinations of hardware that would work together.

In basic designs: There are desktops, servers, integrated machines, notebooks, tablet computers and subnotebooks and miscellaneous devices such as .

In brands: There are around 200 main brands that sell computers, though they mainly buy parts from other manufacturers, assemble them and install an poerating system on them.

Minicomputer, Laptop... and others!!!

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four type of computer are
there are a lot basic models windows 98, xp, vista, mac, macpro, vista home basic, vista ultimate windows xp pro, xp 2000,

There are four basic types of computer

1.pc(personal computer) station



Micro computer, Mainframe & Super computer.
There are different types of computers, such as Desktop computers, notebooks, laptops, netbooks, tablets, and even mobiles with Internet connection. There are many main brands of computers like Dell, Hewllet Packard, Sony, etc. The most advanced computers today are equipped with multi-core processors, powerful video cards, DDD3 RAM memories, large LED monitors, wireless keyboard and mouse, High performance motherboard, and many other important features.

  • analog
  • digital
  • hybrid (part digital, part analog)
  • mechanical
  • electromechanical
  • vacuum tube
  • transistor
  • integrated circuit
  • microprocessor
  • etc.