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It is either 10 or 11, depending if the phone numberis long-distance.

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Q: How many digits dialed on average to make a phone call?
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What is the two digit code for blocking a dialed phone call?

The code to be use to enable the call blocking feature of your phone is: *67

What do the first three digits mean in a phone number?

The first three digits in a phone number represent the area code, which directs the phone call to a specific region according to population density. Lower numbers were typically used for denser areas (because they could be dialed faster on rotary phones), while higher numbers were used for less populated areas.

Can phone numbers dialed on cell phone be hidden on phone bill?

No you can't because once u call someone it automatically in the phone bill

How do you get last phone number dialed on your cell when it is deleted?

Call your service provider, once the phone is registered they can provide you with this information

What is the acces dial to call to Mexico DF?

+52 55 (Phone Number, 8 digits) or +52 1 55 (Cell Phone Number, 8 digits)

What kind of phone number is 514009403507 It shows up as unknown caller on my cell phone and is not able to be dialed back?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car survey call.

How do you find the phone number of the last call you dialed on a land line?

Unless your telephone has a display or a redial button, you can't.

Is there another phone number I can call since you are not picking up your business phone line?

Unfortunately the phone number you have dialed is the only number available. Please keep trying to call or leave a voice mail if you cannot reach me at this number.

How do you dial a telephone call to Singapore from the US?

On a mobile phone, dial +65. On a landline (or on a mobile phone that doesn't allow you to put the plus symbol in a telephone number), dial 011-65. Then dial the 8-digit number in Singapore. On a landline, press # to signal the telephone switch that you've dialed all the digits.

What does the answering machine say when a phone is disconnected?

we're sorry your call could not be completed as dialed please check the number and dial again or call an operator to help you.

When I make a private call from my cell phone would the number dialed show up on my phone bill?

yes it will show up on your bill is your dial numbers come on your bill.

How many digits in a long distance phone call?

Depends on the distance. 10 digits if in the states or the country you are from. But country to coutry could be 15 digits because all countries have their own codes.

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