How many dimples on a basketball?

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How many dimples are on a golf ball?

Most balls on sale today have about 300 to 450 dimples. There were a few balls having over 500 dimples before. The recordholder was a ball with 1,070 dimples -- 414 larger ones (in fourdifferent sizes) and 656 pinhead-sized ones. All brands of balls,except one, have even-numbered dimples. The only o ( Full Answer )

Why does your mom have dimples?

Answer . \nOne layer of a neat and tidy matrix overlaps the next neat layer of a neat and tidy matrix and the next layer overlaps that one. If you had one layer of a neat and tidy matrix with just single horizontal chains of atoms, and you presented it before a light, you should be able to see t ( Full Answer )

How many dimples on an English golf ball?

They are the same thing, in the UK we do not have different typesof Golf ball from US ones. There is no difference. The smaller British golf ball was banned from being used in theBritish Open in 1974, so it was gradually phased out as it wasillegal in all of the majors after that. It was 1.62 inche ( Full Answer )

Do you have to have dimples to get a dimple piercing or does the piercing create the dimple?

Dimple piercing is like dermal anchors, it's not a smart move, prone to scarring and infection. Scarring is the worst of all the issues. Messing with facial connective tissue and muscle operation is just about the worst idea out there so far and highly over rated. Avoid this at all costs, 20 years f ( Full Answer )

What are dimples?

only some ppl have them, but when you smile its those little dents in your cheeks

How do you get back dimples?

in my opionion i dont think you can get back dimples because you have to be rather born with it getting it either from ur mom or dad *genes* so basically i dont think you can have dimples unless plastic surgery?

How do you get dimples on your back?

Dimples at the small of one's back are naturally occurring, andtheir presence is dependent on your pelvis's bone structure andyour personal weight distribution, as well as amount of musclepresent. If your body is predisposed to have dimples at the smallof your back, they will be present when you are ( Full Answer )

How many dimples on a standard basketball?

According to the Spalding website:. " There are 122 pebbles per square inch on a Spalding basketball which is equivalent to approximately 35,000 pebbles. '

Dimples on back?

You have to be born with them. I have them! Lots of guys like it.. but that's only if you were half tops so that they can see them.

What is dimple?

A Dimple is another word for a small dent (like dimples on a golf ball). The dimple in your cheeks are caused by a small gap beween the muscle Orbicularis Oris and part of the skull called the Zygomatic Arch (in the higher up dimples) or between the two muscles Orbicularis Oris and Temporalis (in th ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of dimples?

There is no way to get rid of dimples other than plastic surgery. Dimples are very cute. Many people would like to have dimples.

Why does the golf ball have so many dimples?

The dimples on a golf ball are designed to make the ball aerodynamic and fly as smoothly through the air as it can. The reason there are so many dimples as it is as many as they can fit on the golf ball to give it the best flight.

What causes dimples?

Dimples are the visible indentations in facial skin that are either permanently present on cheeks or chin, or appear temporarily while a person speaks or smiles. Dimples are one of the most dominant facial traits. Generally, dimples are present or appear on both cheeks, but sometime, a rare fo ( Full Answer )

What is a dimple piercing?

A piercing in your cheek. Usually on your dimple, the little roung hole looking thing when you smile.... Looks like this:.

Can you remove dimples?

Yes you can. You just take out the two little balls at the end of the bars. You don't need surgery to get it removed. Although you'll probably need someone else to clean it for you since its behind you.

If you have dimples will your child have dimples?

Not necessarily, dimples are a dominant gene and if neither you nor your spouse passed it on, the baby will not have dimples. The chance of your child not having dimples is probably 1/4. However, if BOTH your parents have dimples, it is possible there will be a 100% chance of the baby having dimples ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of dimples?

Dimples are visible indentations of the skin, caused by underlying flesh, which form on some people's cheeks when they smile.

Does dimple piercing make dimples?

Yes. getting your cheeks pierced DOES LEAVE PERMANENT DIMPLES. You are warned of this before getting them done. I have had mine pierced for about 6 years, and I went an entire year without anything in them, and I had dimples even without the jewelry in. When you puncture the muscle in your cheeks, a ( Full Answer )

Do dimple piercings make dimples?

I peirced my own dimples about a week ago using,16g peicing needle,studs,and a ruler and marker to mark where i wanted them.Well anyways i left them in for about a week or two but i took them out and let them close because my grandma told me to,and yes later on what happends is the indentions of the ( Full Answer )

Does Emmett have dimples?

Yes, that is why Rosalie saved him, because his dimples and curly hair reminded her of her friend's baby. : )

Can dimple piercing give you dimples?

No . You want to be careful about getting facial piercings, like the dimple piercings. Not every person is created the same way and quite often these *trendy piercings (* piercings that are not common place and very experimental, can lead to serious damage that can not be fixed with surgical proced ( Full Answer )

How do to do dimple piercing?

Grab the phone book and look up body piercing in the yellow pages. There you will find a list of body piercing studios that would be happy to talk to you about your request. You need to realize there is more to the human body that just skin and organs. You can't go willy nilly poking holes anywhere ( Full Answer )

How do you make dimples?

you cant "make" dimples, its something that is genetic. you can getit professionally done but it'll cost. But there are ways toenhance a dip in your cheeks, either put a bottle cap in the sideof your cheek and make suction, or just smile and laugh a lot.

How many dimples on a ball?

Between 300 and 420. A Titleist Pro V 1, arguably the best ball on the market has 392 and the Pro V 1 x has 332. It varies between manufacturers.

Can you get dimples?

this works : you get a lid of a bottle coke or 7up a lid like that you made need a adult to help you open it and put it inside you check and don't swallow it and there you go check it on utube as well :)

You have done dimple piercing but there is no dimple?

Dimple piercings don't magically create dimples. People only get dimple-like scars after removing cheek piercings. Keep in mind that they are scars and that they may not form dimples, they can be unpredictable. They might even heal flush with the skin

Can you make dimples?

Its possible that scars from cheek piercings will appear to be dimples. So, yes. However, cheek/dimple piercings can be a hassle to heal and aren't guaranteed to form dimples. Some just form scars. There isn't a way to be sure that they'll form ideal dimples. Its risky.

Are you deformed when you have dimples?

In a way you are because you have a little dent in your check. Tome its the cutes deformity ever! ************************************************* No, you are not deformed if you have cheek dimples.

Are dimples attractive?

For the most part, this is a complementary piercing, and most men who are into body piercing find this attractive on a woman, but that is not to say that all women who get this piercing are really suited for it. My best advice would be to go to your preferred tattoo shop and ask the piercer if he or ( Full Answer )

Why are dimples cute?

Dimples are cute because they make a person look endearing and creates a character rather than the normal average looking face. Most people would love to have a dimple. A dimple on both cheeks is more common than a dimple on only one cheek. The rarest dimple to have is one found on the left cheek on ( Full Answer )

Why are there dimples on a basketball?

For better grip - According to the Spalding website: " There are 122 pebbles per square inch on a Spalding basketball which is equivalent to approximately 35,000 pebbles. Read more: Dimpled golf balls fly farther than n ( Full Answer )

How do you get dimple on your cheeks?

You are either born with it, or your like me. I was sleeping one day and accidentally fell off the bed and hit the corner of the table and my left cheek area bruised. It later became a permanent dimple exactly where they naturally occur. . or the better answer strethen your cheek musles you soul ( Full Answer )

How did you get dimples?

You can get a q-tip or something with a round end. Then you put the round end on your cheek(anywhere you want) then u just twist it in circles multiple times. You can do it daily to get better results( get a deeper dimple)

How do you have fake dimples?

Okay what I do is I take a bottle cap from a bottle. Then put it in your mouth, (The bottle cap should be facing the opposite side cheek) push in out of cheek and in cheek. Then there you go.

Is it good to have dimples?

It is neither good or bad to have dimples. Some find dimples to be attractive while others do not feel one way or another about them. There is a good chance that if a baby has dimples, they will outgrow them as they get older.

Is dimple heridity?

Yes. Dimples are dominant. If you have one or two dimples, you have the dominant trait, and your genotype is D-, meaning that we don't know whether you are homozygous dominant or heterozygous for the trait. If you don't have dimples, your genotype is dd, which is homozygous recessive.

Where can you pierce your dimples?

At a piercing studio/shop. Dimple piercings are notoriously tricky to heal so make sure that your piercer has experience doing cheek/dimple piercings. You can look for shops in your area using the Association of Professional Piercers' website. I'll add the link for you :)

How can you get dimples naturally?

You can either poke your cheeks where you want the dimples for fiveminutes while smile every day or you can pinch your cheeks withyour thumb and index. You press your index in while you smile for 1min every day. You can do either one of these for a week and thenyou'll get b eautiful, natural, cute d ( Full Answer )

Who many a basketball get?

I guess you asking how much an nba player makes If your talking kobe bryant he makes 25 million even bench players who playe 10 minutes a game make a million its a good life.

How much dimples can you have?

583 at most. However, there is an unconfirmed report of a Pakistani baby supposedly with 584 dimples. Standby for confirmation, if the baby has indeed passed the universally accepted dimple threshold, quantum physics may have to be rewritten, this will be more momentous than neutrinos passing the sp ( Full Answer )

Does Obama have dimples?

While the president is known for having a very photogenic smile, he does not seem to have dimples.

What is a sentence for dimpled?

Golf balls were dimpled as the dimples was found to cause the golfballs to go further and be more accurate than undimpled golf balls.

What is a sentence for dimple?

One interesting feature of Janet's face was the dimple on her left cheek when she grinned. The shopping cart made a small dimple ding in the door of the car.