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How many directions can tectonic plates move?


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Tectonic plates can move in 1000 ways!

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Tectonic Plates move by trying to push past each other and by trying to slide past each other.

it depends on which plate it is.Many of them move various directions due to the pressure put on them.

Tectonic plates move in the lithosphere.

No(see the explanation of the question "Why do the tectonic plates move?"

yes the plates can move slowly

No. The tectonic plates move around on top of the asthenosphere!

tectonic plates are the rocky seagments in earths lithosphere.

The earth's plates move in all directions: up, down, and sideways. That's why we have mountains and subsidances and earthquakes and volcanoes and all sorts of stuff!

ThE tEcT0nIc plAtes are the plates which move around the earth and earthquake creates tectonic plate

The volcanic activey under the crust causes the tectonic plates to move

Tectonic plates move thousands of miles because they are not anchored down.

because when tectonic plates crash they generate earthquakes

when tectonic plates move toward each othe forms

slide collide and what was the other one?

Continental plates are tectonic plates. They are tectonic plates upon which continents rest, and they move as do all tectonic plates. Basically, there is no difference, other than the fact that oceanic plates are another type of tectonic plate.

At a divergent boundary tectonic plates move apart.

Magma moving underneath the earth causes tectonic plates to move about.

earthquake zone or in the boundry of tectonic plates

What is the name of the Earth layer above which tectonic plates move? How hot is this layer beneaththe plates?

No, convection currents in the upper mantle cause tectonic plates to move.

The Earths tectonic plates move crating waves type in tectonic plates in google

The tectonic plates, part of the lithosphere, move around and float on the top of the asthenosphere.

Tectonic plates interact at plate boundariesThey move apart at divergent boundaries

Because tectonic plates move, therefore if the continent is on it, it moves with it!

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