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How many dogs?

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There are several types of dogs in this world. You can not count them on all the fingers and toes of your self

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how many speicies of dogs are there?


How many dogs can you have in Sacramento?

How many dogs I can have in Sacramento area ?

What types of dogs are in the world and how many?

how many: around 900 at the most. what types: sporting dogs ( or gun dogs ), miniature dogs, spaniels, hounds, working dogs, herding dogs, terrieres, toy dogs, and sleigh dogs.

how many dogs are there in the whole world?

there are 900 million dogs in the whole world

Is 6 dogs to many dogs?

If you have six dogs living in a small apartment, then I would say yes, six dogs is too many. But if you have a house with a large yard, then six dogs isn't too many.

How many dogs can you feed?

Like 2 to 3

How many dogs are in the world?

999999999 u idiot

How many dogs are in the team?

16 dogs...

How many body cells do dogs have?

Dogs have trillions of many cells. But dogs only have 78 chromosome cells.

What are the uses of a dogs?

There are many uses for dogs. While being a companion is possibly the biggest, dogs can be trained for many other things. Guard dogs, dogs for the blind, search dogs for various items, farm dogs, bomb sniffing dogs and many other things. Dogs are wonderful animals that will always work hard if treated well.

How many dogs are in Kansas?

You'd have to do a survey to find out how many dogs there are in Kansas!

How many dogs can you have in fontana ca?

How many dogs can we own in fontana California

On Nintendogs how many dogs can you have?

You can have 3 dogs in your house and 5 dogs at the hotel.

How many dogs do dogs trust rescue in a year?

In 2009, Dogs Trust cared for 15886 dogs.

How many ribs do dogs have?

dogs have 13 ribs

What is the subject of the sentence Many dogs were eating?


How many dogs are in London?

54,000 dogs in London

How many dogs does seleana Gomez have?

i have 5 dogs

How many dogs does miley have?

Miley has 3 dogs

How many papies dogs have?

Dogs can have from 1- 16

How many dogs are with obama?

He only has 100 dogs

How many dogs were saved from dogs trust?


How many balls do dogs have?

dogs have 1 ball

How many dogs can a iditarod musher have?

16 dogs

How many dogs are in a score?

Dogs aren't in a score.