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How many dogs allowed in one household in Texas?


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November 18, 2010 3:06PM

Each city has their own ordinances. In Dallas it used to be as many as you can take care of, but due to people hoarding and having too many "bad" dogs they have limited it to 4 animals (cats and or dogs) if you live in an apartment setting and 6 (cats and or dogs) if you live in a detached house.

City of Plano has a limit of 10.

City of Fort Worth has limit of 3.

City of Denton is how many you can take care of properly.

So you will have to see what city you are living in, or hope to move to and find out their regulations and make your choice.

Please note that some of the Cities' rules do include TOTAL number of animals, so if you have 3 dogs, but also 10 cats, then the limit to animals will apply also.

Hope this helps. Also be aware that there are some bans on some breeds in certain cities in Texas.