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Winnebago Co has no restrictions. However, Rockford, Loves Park 4-17 and Machesney Pk 42-81, have restrictions that you should check.

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How many dogs are allowed in one household in Florida?

in Hillsborough county,how many dogs allowed in household ?

How many dogs are you allowed in 1 house in the united kingdom?

i believe you can have ten dogs in one house

Are dogs allowed in the White House?

The President's dog is allowed in the White House. I would expect that service dogs would be allowed, but would have to be 'cleared' the same way that many people are cleared.

How many dogs allowed in a personal residence in Contra Costa County CA?


How many dogs are allowed in alameda county California?

You need a license to have four or more.

Can a parole in Illinois have a dog?

Yes my cousin is on parole in Winnebago County, Illionis and he lives with his wife and two pit-bulls and I was over there when his PO showed up and didn't care at all about the dogs the only remark was "Nice Dogs" and "Their so well behaved, I go to most people's places, and I have them put the dogs up".

How many dogs can you have on Nintendogs?

Your allowed to only have 8 dogs. if you want a new one and tired if an old one you can donate it, but you will never get it back. Your only allowed to have 3 at your house and 5 in the dog hotel. :)

Is keeping dogs in Islam allowed?

No, keeping dogs in Islam is not allowed...............

Are dogs allowed in water?

Yes dogs are defiantly allowed in water....

Why are dogs allowed in french restaurants?

Dogs are not allowed in restaurants or stores in France, except for guide dogs.

Are dogs allowed in Costco?

No, dogs are not allowed in Costco stores unless they are seeing eye dogs or other trained service dogs.

how many dogs are you allowed by law in the house and how many are you allowed outside?

A three dog limit is a typical limit for homeowners in many cities, whether inside or not.

How many dogs are allowed in one household in st Clair county michigan?

This is something that is not set out in the county ordinance book. You may want to contact your local town or city and see if they have a regulation on this.

What dogs are house dogs?

house dogs are dogs that live inside and not outside

Are dogs allowed in fantasy island in skegness?

No dogs or animals of any kind allowed!!

In Islam is it allowed to keep a puppy in the house?

No because dogs are impure and the angels don't enter a home that has a dog in it.

How many dogs can you own in Tulsa County?

Tulsa County, city limits allows you to have 2 dogs.

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Hull MA?

Dogs are allowed on the beach most of the year, but NOT in summer.

Are dogs a allowed to have popcorn?

My dogs are allowed to have popcorn, but only a little bit. Not too much!

Are dogs allowed in redondo beach?

yes, dogs are allowed on redondo beach as long as they are on a leash

Are dogs allowed on the beach in wildwood NJ?

No, dogs are not allowed on the beach :(

Are dogs allowed at oaks park Portland?

Yes. Well behaved, leashed dogs are allowed.

Are dogs allowed in Blackpool pleasure beach?

dogs are not a allowed in blackpool becues it get something on it boby

How many service dogs allowed in Arizona?

There is no limit to the number of service dogs allowed in an area.

What house pets are good to keep around cats?

none. 1. dogs not allowed 2. Mice 3.Fish