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How many dogs did Gary Paulsen have?

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Gary Paulsen had 26 dogs.

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How did Gary Paulsen get his dogs?

Gary Paulsen got his dog by either finding them or purchasing them from the previous owner

Does Gary paulsen have pets?

Gary Paulsen doesn't have pets but,he breeds and trains sled dogs in Alaska.

How many kids did Gary paulsen have?

Gary paulsen has three kids

How does Gary paulsen choose his dogs?

he steals the expensive ones

Where did Gary paulsen work?

Currently, he trains sled dogs in Alaska.

How does Gary Paulsen get funded?

Probable from all hes books and dogs.

Was lee Paulsen related to Gary Paulsen?

Yes lee Paulsen is related to Gary Paulsen

Is Gary Paulsen related to Lee Paulsen?

Yes. Gary Paulsen is related to Lee Paulsen.

How many kids do Gary paulsen have?

Gary paulsen has 1 child named James Alexander paulsen who works at a university as a reading/ writing professor

Where does Gary Paulsen live or was born?

Gary Paulsen was in a circus.

How did the dogs react to the accident in the story in trouble By Gary Paulsen?

the dogs were worried and tried to help him from bleeding to death

What did Gary paulsen do when his dogs ran off?

He began pulling the sled home. #E2020

Where does Gary paulsen live now?

Gary Paulsen lives in Mexico.

What city does Gary paulsen live in?

Mr. Paulsen and his wife have a home in New Mexico, a home in Alaska where he breeds dogs, and a boat in the Pacific.

When was Gary Paulsen born?

Gary Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939.

Where did Gary Paulsen grow up?

Gary Paulsen was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As a child who did Gary Paulsen live with?

Gary Paulsen lived with his grandmother and aunt.

Is Gary Paulsen still alive?

Yes, Gary paulsen is still alive.

Is Gary Paulsen a noun?

As it is the name of a person, Gary Paulsen is a proper noun.

How many pages does Soldier's Heart - Gary Paulsen novel - have?

Soldier's Heart - Gary Paulsen novel - has 128 pages.

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