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Johnny Vandemeer

"Johnny Vandermeer" is not the answer to this question.

"How many Double-No Hitters have been pitched in MLB" cannot be answered by a player name...

I'm aware of only one Double-no hitter in professional Baseball history. It was played on August 22nd (or 23rd?) 1992 between the Clearwater Phillies and Winter Haven Red Sox of the Florida State League (A ball). The final score was 1-0. It was played the day before hurricane ANdrew hit south Florida.

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How many balls are lost in a professional baseball game?

Every ball pitched is taken out and replaced.

Who has pitched five strike outs in one inning?

The most strikeouts in baseball history in one inning is four. This has happened just 72 times in baseball history.

Who has the most perfect games in baseball history?

nobody has ever pitched more than one.

How many perfect games have been pitched in?

there have only ever been 18 perfect games in baseball history.

What is Jason Jennings known for?

Jason Jennings is known for being American professional baseball pitcher. He pitched in Major League Baseball for the Colorado Rockies, Houston Astros, and the Texas Rangers.

Who was the first Asian baseball player in the history of MLB?

Ryan Yoshitomo Kurosaki as the first Asian-American to play baseball in the MLB. Kurosaki pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1975.

How did Philadelphia ace Roy Halladay succeed in throwing 20 perfect games in Major League Baseball?

He only pitched one perfect game, It was the 20th perfect game ever pitched in MLB history.

Who is Tyler green?

Tyler Green (born February 18, 1970 in Springfield, Ohio), is a retired professional baseball player who pitched in the Major Leagues from 1993-1998.

Who was the youngest player to play professional baseball in the twentieth century?

Joe Nuxhall. He was just 15 when he pitched 2/3 of an inning for Cincinnati. It was during WW II.

What is the fastest baseball pitched?

probably a 103 mph pitched ball

What are the differences between a fast pitch softball and baseball?

Fast pitch softball is pitched underhand and a baseball is pitched overhand.

Who was the oldest pitcher in Major League Baseball history?

Satchel Paige was 59 when he pitched in 1965. Jamie Moyer is 47 now and still an active pitcher.

Who holds the Major League Baseball record for the most no-hit games?

The pitcher that pitched the most no hit games in MLB history is Nolan Ryan with 7.

How many times have opposing pitchers pitched no hitters?

only 282 have been thrown in major league baseball history since 1875, an average of about two per year.

Who was the worst pitcher ever in baseball?

It is a matter of opinion who is the best or worst pitcher in baseball history. Also, there are so many players who pitched 1 game that it is difficult to judge who is definitely worst. Sorry!

What is ip in baseball?

The amount of Innings Pitched (I.P.) by a pitcher. The amount of Innings Pitched (I.P.) by a pitcher.

How do you use pitched in a sentence?

The boy pitched a perfect game last weekend. That man is pitching as fast as lightning. At baseball practice, I pitched for almost an hour. That man pitched in the major leagues for 22 years.

Did a pitcher named Don Smith play professional baseball in the last few decades?

There have been no pitchers named Don Smith in MLB but several in the minor leagues. One pitched in the Dodgers minor league system between 1982-1985, another pitched in the Cubs minor league system between 1964-1967, a third pitched in the Dodgers minor league system in 1951 and 1952 and, in 2010, a Don Smith pitched in the independent Northern League.

What percentage of major league baseball players have pitched a game at some point in their life?

Going back to 1871, out of 17172 baseball players, 8240 have pitched in at least one game, 48%

Who pitched baseball at 60 years old?

Satchel Paige was either 59 or 65 when he pitched his last game, depending on the source.

Where was the last baseball game pitched by Whitey Ford?

The last game pitched by Whitey Ford was on May 21, 1967 at Tiger Stadium.

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