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Q: How many ears do cray fish have?
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Is a cray fish a vertebrate or invertebrate?

The cray-fish is a vertebrate. It has a backbone.

Is cray fish a vertebrates or invertebrate?

The cray-fish is a vertebrate. It has a backbone.

What do cray fish eat?

cray fish like potatoes and potatoe skin

What eats a cray fish in the food web in a pond habitat?

The haren eats the cray fish

Do crayfish drink the water they live in?

cray fish drink the water they live in

What advantage might mouthparts of various shapes provide a cray fish?

There are many advantages of various shapes of mouths from a Cray fish. This can allow them to eat different food than other ones of their kind.

What fish do sunbitterns eat?

cray fish

HOW many leg jonits do a cray fish have?

THe have ten legs or leg joints

Why do cray fish need to be alive?

cray fish need to be alive because there cute and its just Gods creation and plus there tasty.

Is a cray fish a carivore herbivore or omnive?

a fish is a carivore

Do beavers eat crayfish?

of course not beavers eat fish/dead things but they only eat gold fish and cray fish is not a such thing its cat fish

How many legs does a cray fish have?

10 legs (8 regular and 2 claws)

Do cray fish eat coral?


What are the example of Regeneration?

Cray fish

What does the cray fish eat?


Do cray fish have bumps?


Do cray fish eat snails?


Do cray fish have a back bone?


Do cray fish have antennae?

yes 1 i think

What is the difference between a lobster and a cray fish?

Not only is a lobster bigger than a cray fish but it stays in salt water other than fresh water

Is the cray fish a fish?

yes No. The cray fish (crawfish or crawdad in certain areas) is a crustacean. It has an exoskeleton and looks like a miniature lobster, but lives in shallow fresh water. By the definition of fish, it does not qualify.

How many ears do fish have?

most fish usually have two internal ears on each side of their head

What is the scientific name for cray fish?


How do cray fish live?

Day to day.

How do cray fish avoid there predators?