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A rectangle has 4 sides and 4 vertices


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Same as a rectangular prism. Faces: 6 Edges: 12 Vertices: 8

A rectangle has 4 edges or sides.

5 vertices and 8 edges.5 vertices and 8 edges.5 vertices and 8 edges.5 vertices and 8 edges.

Polygons have as many vertices as they have sides (edges).

A heptahedron has 7 faces. It can have 6 vertices and 11 edges, or7 vertices and 12 edges, or8 vertices and 13 edges, or9 vertices and 14 edges, or10 vertices and 15 edges.

A trapezium has 4 edges and 4 vertices.

2d shapes do not have edges or vertices

A sphere has no edges or edges but its face is globular.

A triangle has 3 edges and 3 vertices. A triangular prism has 9 edges and 6 vertices.

20faces and 30 edges and 12 vertices

A sphere has one face, and no vertices or edges.

None. But a cuboid has 12 edges and 8 vertices.

4 faces, 6 edges, 4 verticesFour faces, six edges and four vertices.

2 faces, 4 edges, and 4 vertices 2 faces, 4 edges, and 4 vertices

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