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Q: How many egg whites equal one fourth cup egg substitute?
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How many Egg whites equal 3 eggs?

6 medium egg whites equal 3 whole eggs

How many medium egg whites equal 2 extra large egg whites?

4 medium egg whites equal 2 extra large

How many whole eggs substitute 8 egg whites?

4 whole eggs substitute for 8 egg whites. This is because the egg yolks are much of the quantity, and the resulting texture will be different with the yolks.

How many ounces does 3 egg whites equal?

3 EL whites is approximately 3.2 ounces

2 egg whites equals how many cups of egg substitute?

1 lg egg

How many meters are in a fourth of a meter?

One fourth is equal to 0.25. Therefore, one fourth of a metre is equal to 0.25 metres.

How many calories in equal?

Equal (substitute) sugar / sweetner had no calories in it.

How many feet equal one fourth of a mile?

1,320 feet equal one fourth of a mile

How many egg whites equal calories in 1 egg?

Between four and five large egg whites equal one large egg in calories.

How many egg whites in an 8oz carton of egg substitute?

one egg white = 3 tablespoons (T) egg substitute 15 ml = 1 T 3 T = 45 ml 8 oz = 240 ml 240 / 45 = 5.333... egg whites in an 8 oz carton of egg substitute

How many egg whites should i use in baking to equal one whole egg?

2 egg whites = 1 egg

How many eggs does 3 egg whites equal?

You would need three eggs for three egg whites. The whites of the eggs must be separated from the yolks.

How many egg whites equal 300 grams?


One fourth of a teaspoon is equal to how many ml?


How many egg whites is equal to 1 egg?

2 eggs

How many ounces equal one fourth?

4 ounces in one fourth of a pound.

How many one fourth cups equal three fourth of acup in sugar?


How many eighths equal a fourth?


How many one fourth circles equal a half circle?


How many eighths does it take to equal Fourth?


How many eighths is three twelfths equal to?

Three twelfths is equal to one fourth, which is equal to two eights.

How many Egg whites equal one whole egg in an omelette?

I belive it is two.

How many eggs equal a 3oz serving of lean meat?

Six whites plus one whole egg.

Can you substitute apple sauce for eggs And oil in muffins?

Applesauce is a good substitute for oil and butter, in baked goods. I've used it many times. I've never heard of using it as a substitute for eggs. However, you could probably get away with substituting egg whites for whole eggs.

How many is one fourth equal to how many minutes?

15 in comparison to an hr