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it lays 28 eggs
they can have up to 24 eggs at a time

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Q: How many eggs do Komodo Dragons lay?
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When do komodo dragons lay eggs?

Komodo dragons lay their eggs in September.

When do Komodo dragons usually lay eggs?

Komodo dragons lay their eggs around September.

How komodo dragons lay eggs?

Komodo dragons lay their eggs buy making love then the eggs come out of the lizards but and there it layed eggs

How do komodo dragons reproduce?

komodo dragons lay eegsit lays eggs.

Do komodo dragons lay eggs?

Yes, they can lay up to 14 eggs at a time.Yes, a komodo dragon lays eggs.Yes, they do.

Where do komodo dragons lay there eggs?

in captiviy (a zoo) or in the desert

What kind of eggs do komodo dragons lay?

leathery eggs, 40-60.

How do Dragon reproduce?

komodo dragons lay eegsit lays eggs.

Where do komodo dragons lay eggs?

yes, they lay 20-25 soft leathery eggs. hope this helps =)

Do dragon eggs still exist?

Dragons, as you see them in literature and movies, do not exist. But Komodo dragons are a species of lizard, and those still exist today. Komodo dragons lay eggs to reproduce, so those eggs also still exist.

What are baby komodo dragons called?

pups, females can lay up to 20 eggs at a time

How many eggs a komodo dragon lay?

they lay around about 24 eggs at a time

What other animals lay eggs?

Birds,aligators,crocidiles,caimans,turtles. Komodo dragons,fish,

How many times does a Komodo dragon lay eggs in its life?

They lay about 30 eggs at a time

What do komodo dragons do for a living?

komodo dragons for a living like to bask in the sun bask means to lay out in the sun for a while

How many eggs to komodo dragon lay in a year?

It is about 90-100 eggs in year.

Do female bearded dragons lay eggs with out doing it with a male?

no she has to do it to lay eggs

How long is the komodo dragon pregnant?

Komodo dragons lay eggs, so they do not have pregnancies. Their eggs are laid about 5 weeks after they mate. And as science recently discovered, the female komodos can give birth entirely without a male mate - what's called parthenogenesis.

How many does eggs does a lizard lay?

depends on the species female bearded dragons lay 10-30

Do komodo dragon lay eggs or not?

yes, because they are a reptile

How do weedy sea dragons lay there eggs?


Are bearded dragons hached?

Yes they are - since Bearded dragons lay eggs.

Does a komodo dragon hatch live young?

no they lay leathery eggs

How many egg's does a dragon lay?

Fire breathing dragons can lay up to 3 or more eggs it depends what kind it is.

Can bearded dragons lay unfertelized eggs?