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How many eggs do quail lay?

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6-24 eggs in a scratch.

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How many eggs do quail lay a year?


How many eggs do quail lay in a day?


Where do quail lay their eggs?

Quail lay their eggs in nests secretly hidden along the beach but still on the grass.

how many eggs do one quail in life?

A quail will lay approximately 200 eggs in their lifetime. This can depend on how long they live, however. Some quails will only lay several eggs a year, while some can lay several at a time, multiple times per year.

What time of year does a quail lay eggs?


Can quails lay eggs without male?

Yes a female quail can lay both fertile and infertile eggs.

How many eggs do California quails lay a year?

depends how many your quail will lay in one batch, usally it will lay about 4-7 so times that by what ever and you get your answer :)

Do quail lay eggs every day?

Coutunix quail lay one egg every day. There may be afew days when not every one will lay an egg though.

What time of the day do quail lay there eggs?

at 25:13 Hours

How many eggs do quails lay?

It varies somewhat by species of quail, but generally between 6 and 16 BUTTTON QUAIL WOULD LAY ONCE A DAY BUT NOT ALWAYS TO GET STARING TO BREED OUR JUST A LAYING PROBLEM

How many eggs do Chinese painted quail lay a year?

59...? but they usually lay an egg a day (females, obvi) in Feb-mid November.

What animal is a quail?

The quail is a bird, and comes from turkey family; they lay very tiny eggs. Quail are members of the family Phasianidae, including pheasants, closely related to grouse.

How do you peel quail eggs?

How do i dry quail eggs

Do dutch quail lay eggs?

yes All creatures must reproduce to perpetuate the species.

How often do quails lay eggs is it daily?

A quail which is breed to lay eggs should receive 14 hours of light per day. This may mean that artificial lightning may be needed. If the quail receives the right amount of light, they will approx. lay 1 egg per day. On average they will lay 200-300 eggs per year. I hope this answered your question.

How many quail eggs equal one chicken egg?

5 quail eggs is the same as one chicken egg

How many eggs can an armadillo lay?

Armadillos do not lay eggs.

What is the difference between chicken eggs and quail eggs?

Quail eggs are much smaller than an average chicken egg and the quail eggs are spotted.

When do quail lay there eggs?

8 weeks and above. they will lay around 290 - 300 eggs each year. they will lay for 2 years approx. they only start laying when the humidity, temperature and sunlight hours are right

When does a quail sit on her eggs?

after she has laid them all she will usaully lay one egg an day maybe twelve eggs in all so yep!

How many eggs lay eggs?

Eggs can not lay eggs. The animal baby has to hatch out of the egg and grow into an adult. Then she can lay eggs.

How many eggs does a muskrat lay?

Muskrats do not lay eggs.

How many eggs will parrotfish lay?

they can lay hundreds of eggs

Which minibeasts lay eggs?

about how many eggs does a minibeast lay

How many eggs do skunks lay?

Skunks do not lay eggs.

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