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It depends if its a red eared slider or a paint turtle or a snapping turtle (witch i doubt you have) im just gonna tell you all of the ones i listed red eared slider if its the first time first time 2 to 20 for a paint turtle 2 to 20 eggs and a snapping turtle 1 to ten so i hoped i helped

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Can you use well water for a turtle?

Yes you can many turtles can survive in fresh water but this water could be dangerous for a fish

What lays 2 oblong white eggs in water?

There are many different animals that lay oblong eggs near or in water. The most common animal is a turtle.

How many eggs a turtle can lay in a lifetime?

There's about a hundred or more than that a turtle lay eggs in their lifetime

How many eggs can a turtle lay at one time?

The giant river turtle will have 50-160 eggs at one time.

How many eggs did a sea turtle lay in its lifetime?

It depends on what turtle.It would be different for each turtle.

How many times do you clean a aquatic turtles water?

You clean your turtles tank every 2 weeks and you dont need to wash your turtle because your turtle will wash itsself in the fresh water you have put in

How many eggs can a sea turtle lay?

a sea turtle can lay 50-160 eggs but they lay 10 per minute.

How many eggs does a western pond turtle lay?

An average pond turtle lays about 8 eggs but they can lay as few as 1.

How many eggs to turtle lay?

turtle can lay up to one hundred eggs. most of them will not make it to after they hatch bc of the predatorss.

How many eggs were aboard the Titanic?

There were many eggs but there were also hens to lay fresh eggs.

How many sea turtle egg live?

! or 2 sea turtle eggs will service

Can a seagull eat a baby turtle?

Yes, seagulls eat many baby turtles while they crawl from their eggs to the water.

How many eggs do turtle lay a year?

The average sea turtle may lay 110 eggs in a nest. But there are several species of turtle, withFlatback turtles laying approximately 50 eggs, and hawksbills, which may lay over 200 eggs in a nest.

How many eggs can a sea turtle have?

2-3 thousand eggs every year

How many eggs can female snapping turtle lay?

They can lay about 24 eggs at a time.

How many baby turtle can a turtle have?

Turtles can lay anywhere from 1 to 12 eggs depending on breed. Also it depends how many of the eggs suvive long enough to hatch.

How many eggs were stocked on the Titanic?

They stocked many eggs but they also bought hens to lay fresh eggs.

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