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They lay about 250

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How many Lightning Bugs are born at once?

There are different types of Lightning bugs. Some females will lay hundreds of eggs and others will lay only about 40. How many hatch out as larva depends on how many eggs were deposited and if they survive predators. There are 4 stages to their growth into an adult lightning bug. They start as an egg, then hatch into larva, pupa and then a lightning bug.

How many eggs can a lady bug lay?

a lady bug can lay up tp 1,000 eggs in a life time!

How many eggs can a milkweed bug lay?

a milkweed bug lays about 10-15 eggs.

How many eggs does a stick bug can lay?


How many eggs can a peanut head bug lay?

about 250

How many lice bugs can 1 lice bug lay?

The average Lice Bug Can lay 200 lice eggs a day.

How many eggs does a lady bug lay?

About 1000 in its life time

What does the female lady bug have to do to lay its eggs?

how do female lady bugs lay there eggs

What is the reproduction cycle of a stink bug?

how many eggs do they lay each time

Can a bug lay eggs in your body?


What is the name of the bug that enters mouth to lay eggs so the babies can eat your brain?

there is no such bug

How many eggs can a pill bug lay?

about 1000 in its life time. God is amazing how he designs things!

Can bed bugs lay eggs in your skin?

A bed bug will not lay their eggs in human skin. You will never find one burrowing in your skin.

What is milkweed bug reproduction?

Milkweed bugs lay eggs on milkweed.

How long can bed bug eggs lay dormant?

I'M ASKING *YOU*!!!!!!!! YOU ANSWER *ME*!!!!!

How many eggs can an armadillo lay?

Armadillos do not lay eggs.

How many eggs lay eggs?

Eggs can not lay eggs. The animal baby has to hatch out of the egg and grow into an adult. Then she can lay eggs.

How many eggs does a muskrat lay?

Muskrats do not lay eggs.

How many eggs will parrotfish lay?

they can lay hundreds of eggs

Which minibeasts lay eggs?

about how many eggs does a minibeast lay

How many eggs do skunks lay?

Skunks do not lay eggs.

How many eggs do macaws lay?

they lay about 20 eggs

How many eggs do toucans lay?

3 to 4 eggs at a time when they lay there eggs

What birds lay white eggs?

Many, many birds lay white eggs.

How many eggs do they lay?

praying mantises lay 200 eggs