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How many elephants are there in the US?

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That live in the US, none. There are basically, just the elephants that would be in the circus, or a live act performing for people.

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Where do circuses get their elephants?

elephants r us

Where in the US are there most elephants?

There are no elephants in the U.S unless they are in captivity

How do elephants help us?

Elephants help us by just being there!! They help the earth be a better place.

How many elephants are their in a toilet?

their are 2 types of elephants. Their are African elephants and Asian elephants too.

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You cannot find elephants in the wild in the US. You may spot one or two in the zoos.

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can African elephants be found in the United States

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Yes elephants do have booger just like us humans.

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A dozen equals twelve and if you change it to a dozen elephants you are saying 12 elephants the answer is twelve elephants.

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there are 50000000000 elephants in the world but there are 4000000 baby elephants

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Laos is called the land of a million elephants as it once served home to many elephants. This is a landlocked country in Asia but does not have many elephants currently.

How do you write elephants as a possessive noun?

The possessive form for the plural noun elephants is elephants'.Example: The elephants' tracks told us that at least three elephants had passed this way.The possessive form for the singular noun elephant is elephant's.