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About 150 million. There are 207,643,594 eligible voters in the U.S. The census bureau estimates as of July have the US total population at 303,824,640. As of the 2006 general election the Voting Age Population (all adults) was 225,964,346 whereas the Voter Eligible Population (adults - ineligible people like felons or non-citizens) was 207,643,594.

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About two thousand less than voted in the last election. LOL just kidding.

I thought it would be easy to find t his out. Just Google how many registered voters in the US. Easy right. Nope.

Google did it’s own thing. I kept asking in different ways and it gave me the information it wanted me to have. So I went elsewhere.

This time I found it easier to find information although most of it was registered voters by party.

So in the end I found 132,289,674 registered voters by adding Republicans, Democrats, and independent voters from 2018. I’m sure there are more now but that’s as accurate as I could find.

What is going on with google? You ask simple questions and get answers that don’t answer your search.

I tried to find articles on google from July of 2020 on what Trump and Biden said and couldn’t find anything in 10 pages that were older than November now matter how I phrased it. I get it is “thinking” for me as to what I want but I think I can think for myself and I should from just saying July 2020 Biden on vaccine and get what he said in July or the same from Trump.

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Q: How many eligible voters are registered to vote in the United States?
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Related questions

Who is in charge of making sure all voters are eligible and registered?

the individual states

How many registered democrats versus republicans in us?

There are an estimated 47% registered democrat voters in the United States. There are an estimated 42% of registered voters in the United States that lean towards republican.

How large is the American electorate?

The total population of eligible voters in the United States is estimated at 210,800,000. Of those, 137,263,000 Americans said they were registered to vote in the last United States Census count. Only 95,987,000 said they actually voted.

How many registered voters in the United States in 2008?

131.3 million ballots or 61%

How many registered libertarian voters?

there are more than 250,000 registered voters (in all 50 states)

How many new registered voters for 2008 election in the United States?

5 million 5 million

How many eligible voters are registered to vote in the US 2011?

150 milliuon

What percentage of eligible voters are registered to vote in the US as of 2012?

30 percent

What percentage of registered eligible voters are Independents?

The answer will depend on which country's electorate the question is about.

In a US election, what are the two requirements for voting?

Voters must be eligible and registered.

How many registered voters are in Virginia?

According to information obtained from November 2013 elections there are 5.2 million registered voters in the state of Virginia. Of these voters 308,000 were registered to vote in other states as well.

Do eligible voters get to vote for candidates running for House of Representatives?

Yes- all registered voters in the US can vote for a congressman to represent his district in the House.

What is the total number of registered voters in the state of Maryland?

According to Maryland's State Board of Elections, there are 3,167,846 "Eligible Active Voters on the Precinct Register" for the Primary Elections as of 8/29/2010.1,944,620 are registered as Democrats915,506 are registered as Republicans

Where was Lincoln elected?

In the United States of America by the voters in the United States.

Is California independent?

The state of California is a part of the United States of America. It is not independent from the US. It does however have a large amounts of voters who are registered at independent.

What percentage of Americans are registered to vote?

According to the United States Census Bureau's 2014 report, there are approximately 146,311,000 registered voters out of a potential 218,959,000 eligible to vote. This amounts to a percentage of ~66.82%.Note that the Census Bureau releases statsitics reports on voter data every two years. The 2016 report will not be released until November of that year (to coincide with November elections).

The official turnout for an election is calculated by the divided by the number of people of eligible voting age?

When calculating voter turnout, you would use the number of actual votes that were cast divided by the number of eligible voters. In most cases, eligible voters only includes people who have registered to vote.

Who elects the presidential electors?

the registered voters of the 50 states and the District of Columbia

What is the population of eligible voters called?

The population of eligible voters is often refered to as the electorate.

How many registered voters in Oregon?

in 2004 there were about 2,049,000 registered voters in Oregon

Is the number of eligible voters who actually vote in an election?

No. The number of eligible voters is that number of people that are registered to vote and are not prohibited from doing so for some reason. It would be a unique event if all eligible voters actually did vote. In most elections, even national ones, it is considered a good turnout if 50% of the eligible people actually turn out to vote. Local elections can have an even smaller turn out.

How many regestered voters are in Florida and California?

Florida ~11,000,000 registered voters California ~27,000,000 registered voters

How many registered voters in Washington?

As of Oct. 12, Washington has 3,575,498 registered voters.

How many registered voters are there California?

There are 17.3 million registered voters in the state of california.

How many registered Republican voters are in Delaware?

There are 183,301 registered Republican voters in Delaware.