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Google gives each gmail account 7679MB (and counting) of storage. The average email is about 60 kB so 7679MB translates to about 131,054 emails.

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Q: How many emails can a Gmail inbox hold?
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How do you figure out how many emails you have in your gmail account?

The total number of emails can be seen on the top of the page. A page of Gmail normally shows 50 emails. You can also make the number of mails per page 100,150 etc.

How many customers does Google have using Gmail email?

Gmail has been wide spread over each corner of the world. It is a technology using a emails erver for sending and receiving emails. 425 million is the approximate number of users of gmail.

How do you costimize your Gmail account?

Customization in Gmail can be done in many ways. Adding custom labels can be customization. Archiving mails to clean inbox is also one.

Does Selena Gomez answer emails?

Yes, she does, sometimes (when she has time). *Do NOT expect to get a reponse back from Selena. If she has time, you MIGHT get a reply but she has many, many emails in her inbox and can't respond to all of them. Thank you.

How do you get to my Gmail buzz account from my Gmail inbox?

press buzz i ended up deleting mjy entire gmail and went with another email service. way too many issues and way too many non responsive google employees

What are some of the benefits of filtering email?

There are many benefits to filtering emails. They include reducing the amount of junk mail in the Inbox, having important emails be flagged and shown first and organizing emails in a certain manner.

How many messages does the lg banter hold?

200 inbox 50 outbox.

How many messages does the LG chocolate 3 inbox hold?

Not alot. Maybe 40.

How many text messages does the lg cosmos hold?

200 Inbox 50 Sent

If you have 44 text messages in your inbox. How many messages can your cell phone hold.?


Is there a website where you can get paid to read emails?

Yes, there are many websites that pay you to read emails. Surveyspot and inbox dollars are some of the most popular sites for reading emails and taking surveys.

How do you make another email address on Gmail?

You can make another Email address of Gmail like you made the first one. The Emails are not limited per person. You can make as many as you like.

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