National Health Service (NHS)

How many employees are there in the NHS?

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How many people are currently employed by the NHS?

6.2 million employees work with the nhs

How many employees does NHS have?

Over 1.5 million.

What service is offered by NHS mail?

NHSmail is a secure directory and e-mail service that is available for all NHS staff to use. There is no charge for using this service to NHS employees working in England and Scotland.

How many people work in tesco?

There are about 250,000 employees in the UK. It is the 2nd largest employer within the UK, NHS being the 1st.

How many nhs are there in Scotland?

There are 14 nhs in Scotland.

Does the NHS needs to know how many of their staff are lesbian gay or bisexual?

No. The NHS would have no legitimate use for this information.

How many NHS hospitals are there in England?


How many national parks are in Ohio?

One national park, namely Cuyahoga Valley NP. Six other area administered by the National Parks Service: Oliver Perry Victory NMe, William Taft NHS, Dayton Aviation NHS, Hopewell Culture NHS, First Ladies NHS, and James Garfield NHS.

What service does the NHS Professional website offer?

The NHS Professional, which means National Health Service Professional, website offers many different services. It serves to give more information on NHS and what they do in England.

How many people do nhs employ?

over a million

How many NHS hospitals are in the UK?


What are the requirements to get NHS email?

NHS email is the national email and directory service available to NHS staff in England and Scotland. The requirements to get an NHS email include being an employee working for NHS.

When was the nhs introduced?

the NHS was introduced in 1948

Was NHS in the 1930?

No. The NHS was inaugurated in 1948

How many people work in the NHS Scotland?

Please clarify your question! Did you mean how many people are employed by the NHS in Scotland ? If so then this is not the same as the number of people who actually work !!

How many hospitals are there in Britain?

There are 353 NHS hospitals in Britain.

How many NHS hospitals in England?

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Can you get teeth implants on the nhs?

can you get tooth implants on the nhs?

What is the religan side of the nhs?

The NHS is non-denominational.

Who finances the NHS?

The NHS is funded through taxation.

Who owns the nhs?

The NHS was founded by a man named Nigel Haywood-Smith. which is were the NHS gets its original initials from.

How many employees in the NHS?

The NHS employs more than 1.7m people. Of those, just under half are clinically qualified, including, 39,409 general practitioners (GPs), 410,615 nurses, 18,450 ambulance staff and 103,912 hospital and community health service (HCHS) medical and dental staff.The NHS in England is the biggest part of the system by far, catering to a population of 52m and employing more than 1.4m people. The NHS in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland employ 155,312; 85,252 and 65,016 people respectively.Correct as of: 24/10/2011

How do you catch respiratory MRSA?

The NHS of course! The NHS of course!

Who pays for the NHS?

In the UK the tax payer pays for the NHS

When was The Future of the NHS created?

The Future of the NHS was created in 2006.