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Q: How many employees does zales have?
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What is zales slogan?

The slogan is "Zales: The Diamond Store."

How many Zales shops are located in the Yakima Valley?

There is only one Zales store in Yakima Valley in Washington State. The next closest Zales jewelry store is located 73.5 miles from Yakima Valley in the city of Kennewick.

Where can Zales coupons be used?

Zales coupons can be redeemed for beautiful diamond jewelry and gifts on the Zales website, as well as in their store in Jamaica, New York. One can find great Zales coupons at Retailmenot and Couponcabin.

Is Zales jewelry reliable?

You can review your local Zales store with the local Better Business Bureau, and learn more there about Zales local reputation.

Who co owns Zales jewelers?

On the Zales site, it says that the original founders of Zales were Morris Zale, William Zale and Ben Lipshy.

Who competes with Zales?

Gold and Diamond source is a company that competes with Zales.

Does Zales offer customized engagement rings?

Yes, Zales does offer customized engagement rings for the soon to be brides. You can design the ring that you desire and have Zales create it for you.

What is the Bond song from the Zales commercial?

The Bond song in the Zales commercial is "Allegretto."

When was Zales Ecton born?

Zales Ecton was born on 1898-04-01.

When did Zales Ecton die?

Zales Ecton died on 1961-03-03.

Where Is Zales Jewelry Located?

There are a large number of Zales stores and outlets in the United States. You can use the store locator on the Zales homepage to find a store near your location.

How much do Zales engagement rings cost?

Zales engagement rings have varied prices, depending on the style and size of the diamond or diamonds. The best way to find out would be to contact a Zales Diamond Store or even going on an online Zales Diamond website.

How much does zales store managers make?

Salary of Zales store managers in Florida

Does Zales buy its diamonds in Holland or Belgium?

Your local Zales shop may be able to answer your question.

Who is the girl in Zales Jewelry restaurant tv ad?

Cindi Blake is in the Zales Jewelry TV ad.

What is the song in the 2014 zales commercial?

Daniel Lee Kendall sings "Lost in the Moment" in the Zales Christmas commercial.

What is the song in the zales Christmas commercial?

Daniel Lee Kendall sings "Lost in the Moment" in the Zales Christmas commercial.

What is the song in the Zales TV ad?

Zales "String" music is "Don't Forget Love" by emerging artist Robert Francis, composed for Zales and produced by PrimalScream Music, a music production company in Los Angeles, CA.

What is the best way to get more information on zales jewelry?

The best way to get more information on Zales jewelry is to go to an actual Zales store.You can find them in most malls nationwide.Also you can look at their web page and read about their products.

How many employees do the Dallas Cowboys have?

how many employees in cowboys stadium

Who sings the song in the nov 2010 zales commercial?

The song in the Zales commercial Nov. 2010 is Girl on my Mind by the Black Keys

What is the song used in the old Zales commercials?

I believe it is Palladio by Karl Jenkins. The classical piece? I'm not sure now if it was Zales....

How many employees does Ford have?

how many employees does ford have? about 1,945,123.00

What is the name of the brunette model eating dinner in the zales commercial?

Susan Mills is the name of the brunette model eating dinner in the Zales commercial.

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