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The "true size" of the federal government stands at 14.6 million employees, said Paul C. Light, the study's author and a government professor at New York University. Submitted by drjean.

How was this number arrived at? The Bureau of Labor Statistics said there are about 2 million civilian jobs and the armed services is about another million. Too many estimates include state and local governments.

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Q: How many employees in the federal government?
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The federal government provides grants for the programs, but the employees are not federal employees.

Are railroad employees considered federal government employees?

Only Amtrak employees, as that is owned by the federal government. Employees of privately owned railroad companies are not.

Are postal employees government employees?

yes, federal

What are federal employees permitted to do?

Federal employees work for the vast federal government. This covers all government agencies, so there are thousands of them. They are permitted to work for the federal government. Federal employees are permitted to do their assigned jobs and receive pay for doing so.

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The FCC is a US government agency under the Department of Commerce. FCC employees are employees of the federal government, and its regulations are enforceable federal laws. It's not a corporation.

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The Federal Employees Political Activities Act states that an employee of the Federal government cannot be fired for airing their political views. This allowed employees of the Federal government to participate in political activities on their own time.

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How many civilian employees work for the Federal Government?

According to the Department of Labor's web site, "With more than 1.8 million civilian employees, the Federal Government, excluding the Postal Service is the Nation's largest employer."

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Federal OSHA does not cover:State an local government employees employees in states that do not have a State OSHA programMost federal employees, although many federal agencies require an equivalent level of safety from their own program

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