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How many engines does an airplane have?

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At least one(!), the biggest planes have six.

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Where does one get information on airplane engines?

One can get information on airplane engines from the website of the manufacturers of airplane engines. There will be many different answers to questions one may have.

Who are the leading manufacturers of airplane engines?

There are many manufacturers of aeroplane or airplane engines. The leading manufacturers of airplane, aeroplane, or jet engines are Boeing, General Electric, and Pratt & Whittney.

How many engines does a Boeing 787 airplane have?


What is the noise of an airplane?

The noise of the airplane comes from the engines.

How many engines does a 1950 passenger airplane have?

There is no such large airplane so far and such large ones will be necessary and impossible

What is the distance of an airplane?

Depends on the airplane size and engines used.

What does the engine of an airplane do?

Basically, the engine of the airplane provides thrust, which help it go forward. There are many types of engines that can do the job.

What provides thrust to a real airplane?

The thrust is an airplane is provided by the engines.

What part of airplane creates thrust?

the engines

What makes the airplane move?

The engines, driving propellers or jets, make the airplane move.

What keeps an airplane moving forward?

An engine producing THRUST keeps an airplane moving forward. Types of engines used by airplanes include reciprocating engines, turbo prop engines, turbojet, and turbofan engines. Some manufacturers are developing electric engines and one bicycle racer powered a very lightweight airplane using pedal power connected to a propeller.

Where does an airplane get its propulsion?

The aircraft's propulsion comes from its engines.

What airplane has four jet engines on the tail?


What military airplane has six engines?

The B-47 Stratojet had 6 engines, but is no longer in service.

Why jet engines are used at high altitudes?

For thrust. Engines are used to overcome the drag of the airplane.

What is the term for powering airplane engines?

Jet engines produce thrust. All others produce horsepower.

What is the difference between jet and airplane?

Any fixed-wing aircraft with an engine is an airplane. There are different kinds: piston-engine airplanes have piston engines driving propellers, (airplane engines are horizontally-opposed, like the engine in an old Volkswagen), turboprop airplanes have turbine engines with gearboxes that drive propellers, and jet airplanes have turbine engines that move the plane directly. So, factually, a jet is a type of engine on an airplane. However, over time, aircraft with jet engines have often been referred to as "jets."

What causes an airplane to accelerate?

Usually the force generated by its engines.

Where are engine fixed in airplane?

Airplane engines are affixed to the front fuselage (nose), the leading or trailing edge of the wings, or the tailplane, depending on the type of airplane.

What is faster an airplane or a jet?

A jet is a type of engine on an airplane. Some airplanes have propellers - those without propellers have jet engines. Airplanes with jet engines are faster than airplanes with propellers. Often airplanes with jet engines are referred to as "jets."

How many engines doesn an aircraft have?

It depends on the size of the aircraft. A smaller airplane like Cessna has only one engine. The biggest cargo plane like Antonov has six engines.

Where do they sell rc airplane engines online?

There are many different sites that sell rc plane engines. Some include: and There are others if you look around.

What sound does an airplane make?

That is hard to describe in words. There are three types of sounds based on the type of engines: (a) propellor airplane, (b) Turbo-prop airplane and (c) Jet-powered airplane.

How do airplane engines work in rain?

the water just goes through with the air. search "airplane engine tests" on youtube.

What airplane has three propeller engines one on the tail?

None in production.