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Q: How many episodes of The Price Is Right have aired?
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How many episodes of Seinfeld aired?

180 episodes aired over 9 seasons.

How many episodes per year of the price is right?

They do 240 episodes

How many episodes of the suite life in deck are there?

There are 15 aired episodes and 4 un-aired episodes making a total of 19.

How many Simpsons episodes aired in the 1990s?

234 episodes aired during that decade.

How many episodes of LOST have been aired?

So far, 91 episodes have been aired. By the end of season 6, and the series finale, 103 episodes would have been aired.

How many Simpsons episodes aired from 1987 to 2012?

At the end of 2012, 516 episodes had aired.

How many episodes of One Piece have aired so far?

So far, there have been 412 episodes aired (in Japan), but only 167 episodes have been dubbed. Which means, 167 episodes have been aired in America.

How many price is right episodes did bob barker do?

About 6,500

How many Pokemon XY shows are there?

There are 97 XY episodes with 7 special episodes that was aired to the USA and 111 XY episodes with the same amount of special episodes that was aired in Japan.

How many episodes are in the clone wars?

100 episodes planned, 40 aired

How many episodes of goldfathers have aired?


How many episodes of The Price is Right is done each year?


How many episodes of the price is right have there been?

As of the July 4, 2014 show, there have been 6,804 episodes, if only the daytime episodes are counted.

How many episodes are there of 'Celebrity Boxing'?

The television show Celebrity Boxing aired only two episodes. It was aired on Fox in 2002. In the two episodes of the show, there were a total of six fights.

How many episodes of sesame street have aired the past 40 years?

4,238 episodes.

How many episodes of switched at birth aired?

there were only 10 episodes in season one

How many episodes of Vampire Diaries have aired?

66 episodes . 3 seasons. 22 episodes in each season

How many episodes of Glee have been aired?


How many episodes of The Job aired on ABC?


How many episodes of Fairly OddParents have aired?

As of March 28th 2015, 155 episodes & 06 Movies/Specials have aired.

How many episodes have aired of The Vampire Diaries?

All of Season 1 has aired and it ended on May 13th

How many episodes are in total drama island?

Total Drama Island aired 28 episodes.

How many episodes of X-Men evolution were aired in Australia?

I could not find how many were aired, though it is assumed that all four seasons aired on the Nine Network.

How many episodes a year of the Price is Right are filmed?

240 according to the related link

How many Treehouse of Horror episodes of The Simpsons have aired?