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It takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile. So smile!

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What muscle do you use to show surprise?

Facial muscles are usually employed to display surprise.

How do you the eyebrows show emotion?

eyebrows show emotion by simply raising or scrunching them.

What exactly is the definition of frown?

The definition of the facial movement called a frown, which is meant to show the emotion of sadness or disinterest, is to wrinkle the brow because of seeing something with disapproval.

How do you show emotion for kiss?

You Show emotion for a kiss by closing your eyes and keep on kissing

A word used to show emotion?

Happiness is a word to show emotions. Happiness is a positive emotion which is cheer.

What is a facial expression?

facial expression is when you show emotions through your face only

What is a sentence for the word emotion?

A show of emotion can sometimes help or harm a political campaign. The emotion he invariably displayed was either sadness or apathy.

What are the rules of use for interjections?

When you show emotion you use an interjection. Strong emotion is used with a exlamation point. little emotion is shown with a comma.

What are words that show strong emotion?


What emotion does purple show?

you want to stand out

Why do dogs show emotion?

They do have Brains don't they.

How does Picasso show the emotion?

uses a smile


I doubt that such a show of emotion from a King of England was ever recorded.

How do dimples form?

People Usually Say That You Get Dimples From Your Parents. In most cases its true. but you can also get dimples by the way your muscles and skin work. most times your muscles are attached to yuor skin, so if u smile or make an emotion, a dimple may show.

How do you add emotion to a story?

You add emotion by feeling emotion. Channel your feelings to the characters and show them reacting to situations in the same way that you would. Show them laughing and crying, blushing with shame or feeling their heart pound with fear.

Do narcissists have arrogant facial expressions or dead eyes?

Narcissist are great at tricking people into believing they are something different than what they actually are. While they might at times have arrogant facial expressions or seem to show no emotion towards you at all, expect them appear confident. The last thing a narcissist wants is for you to discredit him by calling him a narcissist, so it is probably safe to assume that they are trying to avoid arrogant facial expressions.

Why do you have eyebrow?

Humans have eyebrows to show facial exspression

How could a clone show variation?

with facial features

What is the medical term meaning inability to show facial expressions?

Masked facies is the term meaning inability or reduced ability to show facial expressions. It is a sign of Parkinson's.

How do you create emotion in your writing?

You create emotion by having emotion. If you feel for your writing, it will show through. You also need to hook the emotion of the reader to create feelings in them. Use vivid, descriptive writing. Show action; don't tell boring facts. Create believable conflicts that would connect to the reader.

What is the word used for when you cant show feelings?

Apathetic. It means "to show little or no emotion".

How do you the eyelids show emotion?

Eyelids can show emotion when you lower them or raise them. Shock and surprise can be expressed with raised eyelids. Lowering eyelids express shyness and anger for some people.

Why does Katniss refuse to show any emotion during the reaping?

Katniss tries not to show any emotion to avoid being labeled by the other tributes or sponsors that she will be an easy target.

What is the part of speech that shows stong emotion?

Interjections show strong emotion. Stop! Wow! Hey! are all interjections.

What happened to people that showed emotion towards Jews?

They got slaughted just like the Jews. To Hitler of you showed emotion then you were a Jew that simple to him. SO DONT SHOW EMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!