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Usually 4: strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. http://www.orsymphony.org/edu/instruments/strings.aspx

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How many families are there in the orchestra?

There are four families in a standard symphony orchestra: woodwind, brass, percussion, and strings.

What are the instrument families of the orchestra?

Strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion are the instrument families of the orchestra.

What are the 5 families of the orchestra?

There's normally only four instrument families in an orchestra... strings, brass, woodwind & percussion.

How many categories of music instruents are found in the orchestra?

The different sections of the orchestra break down into four basic families: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

Why are the families in orchestra called families?

Because they are a united group, a team of instruments, a family!

Is it true or false that Britten used the different families of the orchestra to help define the structure of The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra?

It's true, but it doesn't go far enough. The families of the orchestra do not just help define the structure, they create it.

What are the 4 families of the orchestra?

Woodwind, brass, string, and percussion.

Is the Eastman Rochester Pops Orchestra the same as the Rochester Pops Orchestra?

The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra is the premiere professional orchestra in the city of Rochester, NY. They play Masterworks and Pops concerts as well as many concerts for families and school children. Eastman has a number of ensembles but not one entitled "Eastman Rochester Pops Orchestra."

What are the four instrument families of an orchestra?

String, brass, woodwind and percussion.

What are the families of the orchestra?

I believe your asking for percussion, brass, woodwind, and strings

What families of instruments found in a modern orchestra?

String , woodwinds, brass and percussion :)

How many clarinet families are there in a orchestra?

There may be up to three or four different types (different sizes and ranges) of clarinet in a standard orchestra, depending on the particular music to be played. However, they would not be referred to as 'clarinet families'. The family to which clarinets belong is the 'woodwind family', which in a standard symphony orchestra also comprises flutes/piccolos, oboes, and bassoons. There are well over a dozen different types of clarinet, many of them very specialised, but you would not expect to find more than a few types occurring together in a standard orchestra.

How many baritones are in an orchestra?

Usually there are no baritones in an orchestra.

How many mandolins are in an orchestra?

There are usually no mandolins in an orchestra.

What is the four famous british orchestra?

London Symphony Orchestra Philharmonia Orchestra Royal Philharmonic Orchestra The Halle Orchestra and maybe many others

Which of the following are the families of the orchestra?

Woodwind, string, brass, percussionWoodwind,string,brass,percussion

How many cellos are in an orchestra?

There are usually ten cellos in an orchestra.

How many basses in an orchestra?

There are usually 8 in a full orchestra.

How many members are there in the philharmonic orchestra?

how many members are ther in the royal philharmonic orchestra

How many violins in an orchestra?

it depends in every orchestraIt's spelled "violin," and a full orchestra has 30.

What are the music families for music?

In Orchestra, there is Alto (violas) Treble (violins) And Bass (cellos and string bass)

What is difference between an orchestra a symphony and a philharmonic?

None, really. An Orchestra is defined as a large group of musicians that represent the four families of instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass & percussion). Some examples:Los Angeles Philharmonic OrchestraScandinavian Symphony OrchestraIn both cases above, they are both "orchestras."

How many people play in an Orchestra?

A full size orchestra contains about 100 players may sometimes be called a "symphony orchestra" or "philharmonic orchestra"

How many cellos are in the orchestra?

There are usually 2-3 Cello's in an orchestra

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