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The New York Yankees played at the Polo Grounds in 1920, and had ahome attendance of 1,289,422. The Polo Grounds was home to the New York Giants, and the Yankees were just tenants. The Yankees were out drawing the Giants in attendance over the next couple of years, and the Giants wanted the Yankees out, forcing the Yankees to build Yankees Stadium.

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Are there more Boston fans than Yankees fans?

Yes since Boston has a NATION and the Yankees are the EVIL EMPIRE.

Better fans mets or Yankees?

Yankees have the best fans! I'm a Yankee fan and am very faithful to my team.

Which baseball team has the best fans?

The Yankees have the best fans!

Who are the best fans in baseball?


Why do the Red Sox hate the Yankees?

The Red Sox "FANS" hate the Yankee "FANS".

Who has More fans Red Sox or Yankees?

There really is no way of telling who has more fans. It is all a matter of opinion but I have read surveys that said Yankees have the most fans compared to Mets and Red Sox.

Are there more Red Sox fans than Yankee fans?

Probably more Yankees fans because they have more wins then Boston.

How many Yankees fans were at game six?

The attendance for game 6 of the 2009 World Series was 50,315 but, I cannot tell you how many Yankees Fans were there. I'm sure most.

Who do the New York Yankees get their salaries from?

The Yankees get their salaries from the ownership, the fans in attendance to their games, and the money from the vendors.

What team has more fans New York Yankees or New York Mets?

Obviously The New York Yankees.

Are there more New York Yankees or New York Mets fans in New York?

Yankees fans. The Yankees have a more storied and longer history than the Mets. 27 World Championships the most winningest Franchise in all of professional sports.

How do Cub fans feel about the Yankees?

They might not care too much about them.

Do Red Sox have more fans than Yankee?

absolutely not Yankees are a much better team therefor have more fans

Would Justin Bieber come to a small town to perform just for fans?

Of course he would come to a small town. He is a great guy.

Do Yankees fans have more hatred for the Mets or Red Sox?

Red Sox. Just watch any of there games and the fans in the stands.

Which MLB team drew 4 million plus fans in 2005?


What are the lyrics to the New England Patriots chant that the fans scream out?

Yankees Suck!

Are there any pedestal fans that come with a remote control?

Yes there are pedestal fans that come with a remote control,several in fact. I would sggest the Lasko 1850 16" Pedestal Fan with Remote.

Would a member of one direction come to a fans house?

Keep dream potato :)

Why do baseball player wear number on the back of their shirt?

The New York Yankees started putting numbers on the back of there player's jerseys in the 1920s so that fans can easily identify the players' name by referring to a scorecard that identified the players. Soon, all teams started putting numbers on their players' jerseys. Names didn't come on the players' jerseys until much later.

Did the New York Yankees buy the World Series?

The New York Yankees did NOT buy the World Series. There are opinions, but these are facts. The Yankees gain lots of money form the fan booth, wich provides 50,000+ fans every single game. That many fans come because the Yankees are a successful team and win alot of games, wich teams are suppose to shoot for. Other teams, are not as successful as the Yankees, so wich leads to less fans to come see them, less money. It may seem the Yankees are "buying" because they get alot of money. They get it from wining. The Yankees work hard every game to win, and the more you win, the more fans, the more money. George Stienbrenner the Yankees owner, cares about his great Yankees. When he receives fan booth money, he doesn't keep it to himself. When he think his team (Yankees) need an improvement, he goes out there and makes an improvement buy picking up a player, (wich is what your suppose to do). This may seem like the Yankees are "buying" because other major league baseball teams owner's keep the money to themsleves and don't use it to help the team like the Yankees George Steinbrenner does help. If other teams owner would help the team by using their fan booth money to make an improvement, they would be just like the Yankees, and be in contention with them. The decision by owners keeping it to themselves hurts their team by, losing more, gaining lesser fans every game, gaining less fan booth, and less money. This looks like the Yankees are buying because they have a lot of money, because their owners keep the money to themselves, and make people think that they are broke, and stink. Everyone would have the same amount of money as the Yankees if they would do what their suppose to do, and help the team. The Yankees have been dominate since 1923 winning 27 championships, the most in the world. They have done it by great leadership by Lou Gehrig, Don Mattingly, Thurman Munson, Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter and many more. They have great talent, great personalities, and are a very successful team, who have been made by their great owner George Steinbrenner, now in his late 80's. The Yankees main goal is to win, and be loved by fans, which makes them the #1 most liked team in America. This team will never go down without a fight, and the Yankees ghosts will always be there. (P.S, the Yankees also pay their extra money to the other 10 lower market teams, to help them out. That shows the great personality, and care that the Yankees have.) Team on the 20th century, 2009 champs, and forever lasting team, and players, and years that will never be forgotten for true fans. I am a true Yankees fan, and very, very proud to be one.

Why would you visit Yankee Stadium?

Yankee Stadium is a place of interest for baseball fans. It hosts a major league baseball team the New York Yankees.

How do you keep radator fans on all timeon Cadillac?

92 cadillac would lik to have radator fans stay on all the time and to come on with exnition switch

Where were the baseball stadiums built in 1920s?

The 1920s represented a beautiful time in American baseball history, with beautiful, large stadiums being built across the country that fans flocked to. These include: the now defunct Cubs Park for the Chicago Cubs built in 1920, Sportsman's Park for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1920, and the first version of Yankee Stadium for the New York Yankees in 1923. Other ballparks were built, as well, but these represent the Major League Baseball parks built in the 1920s.

Why are Liverpool fans so bitter?

Liverpool fans are angry and bitter with the two Yankees owners of Liverpool, who have taken their club to big debt and ruin in their eyes.