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85,000 fast food restaurants are in the USA

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What are the fast food restaurants in US?

There are many good fast food restaurants, I have enjoyed delicious Asian cuisine and grill chicken in the restaurants of Fargo. You must try, Fargo restaurants, it is amazing place to enjoy food and life. Samurai, Kobe's and Cafe Aladdin are my favorite place.

How many people in the US receive flyers advertising fast food?

that is hard to answer as there are so many fliers but I would say more than half as there are so many fast-food restaurants.

In the united states how many people work in fast food restaurants?

According to the US Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006 there were 3,036,000 people empoyed in fast food and counter work.

How many Wendy's are in the US?

There are over 6,500 locations of Wendy's fast-food restaurants in the United States of America according to @wendy's on twitter.com.

How many fast food resturants are in the US?

Over 2million restaurants are in the united states at this point in time and probably more. December 9th 2010.

What are the top 3 fast food restaurants in US?

1. McDonald 2. Wendy's 3. Tim Horton

How many Chinese restaurants are in US?

In the US there are about 40,000 Chinese Restaurants.

Is halal being added to meats in the US?

Yes, certain brands do sell halal meats. But not in mainstream places such as fast food restaurants or school food, to the best of my knowledge.

What do Restaurants put something in food for cold weather what is that?

What do restaurants in Alaska US put in their food to help with Cold Weather

Is the food at fast food restaurants real?

No the food at fast food resturants are not real. Its all a giant conspiracy that the corporate powerhouses trick you into believing that fast food provides the same nutrition and energy as real food. What you are eating is infact make believe food, that is created by our imagination. If we open our eyes to the real world that we live in we can destroy the stranglehold that corporations have over us

What is the market size for the Japanese condiment wasabi in the US?

since wasabi is probably restricted to usage in restaurants, won't it make sense to determine the total market size for US food service restaurants? from there you just breakdown to the most likely users of wasabi: Asian restaurants (all), Pan Asian, fast casual, casual, etc. What is the total size of the US food service market to begin with?

How many McDonald's restaurants are there in the US?

McDonald's currently has 13,800 locations in the U.S. According to Fast Food Nation, there were approximately 30,000 McDonalds restaurants in the United States in 2001. It's estimated that 2,000 open every year. That puts it at about 42,000 as of 2009.over 1000000According to Fast Food Nation, there were approximately 30,000 McDonalds restaurants in the United States in 2001. It's estimated that 2,000 open every year. That puts it at about 42,000 (if none have opened yet in 2009)

What fast food chain has more restaurants in the US than any other?

McDonald's has far more restaurants than any other restaurant, and then comes Burger King. I have heard that Subway is close to the top of the list also.

In the US a delicatessen store is a synthesis of what and what?

GROCERY STORE AND FAST FOOD RESTAURANT grocery store and a fast-food restaurant. The delicatessen shop offers a wider and fresher menu than those found at chain fast food restaurants, rarely employing fry machines (except for chicken) and routinely preparing sandwiches to order.

How many red lobster restaurants are there in the US?

As of 2011 there are 698 Red Lobster Restaurants.

How many restaurants are there in Dubai?

Thousands. All types of cuisine are available. American, Chinese, European. The majority of US food franchises are available in Dubai as well.Answer:According to Trip Advisor there are 5,593 restaurants in Dubai.

How is food in Mexico different from food in Mexican restaurants found in the US?

It is completely different. The food you find in "Mexican" restaurants over the US serve mostly lighter versions of Texan food ("burritos", "tacos" and "chilli con carne"). An excellent portal with examples and recipes is mexconnect (http://www.mexconnect.com/cuisine), where many American nationals living in Mexico leave their impressions on the Mexican cuisine.

Why are fast food popular in the US?

because everyone in the us is obese

How many people eat fast food every day?

1/8 people in the us eat fast food at least once a day. this possibly holds a link to the obesity crisis....

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