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There are 16 feathers in a batminton shuttle according to Olymic rules.


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there are 16 goose feathers in all in a badminton shuttle

there are 16 feathers in badminton shuttle.

they are originally made out of feathers ;0

It is either called a birdie or a shuttlecock or shuttle for short.

You are referring to a feather shuttlecock. It contains 16 goose feathers all in all. Since you are just asking for the number of feathers, then I guess my answer is already complete.

The fastest badminton shuttle was hit at 332 km.

There are two different types of shuttle. You can get plastic or feather. Both are made with a cork head. The flight is either made up from plastic or goose feathers, depending on the type of shuttle.

There are two parts in Badminton shuttle cock that are made of the feathers of a cockerel. Cock diameter is 1" attached with wings.

a badminton racket (if possible yonex), a shuttle , a badminton court with a net.

The shuttlecock is used for badminton. A shuttlecock is also called a shuttle, but it's also named bird or birdie because it can be made with feathers.

The frame of the high quality shuttlecock is actually 16 goose feathers secured in the cork and tide with thread. More commercial shuttlecocks use nylon mesh in place of the goose feathers.

The projectile used in Badminton is called a shuttlecock or shuttle.

The two equipments or objects of badminton are the shuttle cock and the racket.

Badminton is not played with a ball. Badminton uses a feathered object called a shuttlecock, or shuttle.

in badminton during the service if shuttle touches the net but it reach oponent player successfully is it fault

A shuttlecock is the predominantly white feathery cone used to play Badminton with.

7 feathers reference - Eliza Grigsby

A badminton racket, shuttle cock, badminton net, sensible clothing (sports where), a hall or indoor facility with badminton court markings on the floor.

co-ordination is important in badminton so that youcan concentrate on where to hit the shuttle to

to serve to use back hand and front hand and to hit the shuttle when the shuttle is in the air

when the opponent hits out or when the shuttle falls inside their half.

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