How many female general officers in the us military?

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Currently, there are 57 active-duty women serving as generals or admirals, five of whom are lieutenant generals or vice admirals, the Navy's three-star rank, according to the Pentagon. CNN Report, June 23, 2008
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How many troops in the US military?

Today there are a Total of 2,475,967 soldiers in the Military. There is 507,158 soldiers in the army, 347,693 soldiers in the navy, 347,352 soldiers in the air force, 179,762 marines, and a total of 1,381,965 DODs

How many General Officers are on active duty in the US today?

The best information I could find is that by law the limit for General and Flag officers is 877 for all branches. There is an exemption for an additional 12. That should bring the total to 889, but in December of 2006 there were actually 901. It's my understanding that those officers serving in non ( Full Answer )

How many people are in the US military?

1,430,895 were on active duty in the United States military as of September 2010. Active personnel . 1,477,896. Reserve personnel . 1,458,500 .

What us presidents were generals in the military?

George Washington, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, ZacharyTaylor, Franklin Pierce, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, JamesGarfield, Benjamin Harrison, and Dwight D. Eisenhower were all somekind of general and commanded troops in combat. Andrew Johnson andChester A. Arthur held the rank of ( Full Answer )

How many female generals are there in the air force?

As of a count earlier this year, 7. I don't know the break-down among Brig. General, Maj. General, Lt. General, 1 Lt. (3-star) General and at least 2 Maj. (2-star) Generals. I'm assuming the rest are Brig (1-star) Generals, but I could be off on the exact numbers. I would look at Wright-Patterson A ( Full Answer )

How many US female military were killed in Vietnam?

8 US Military Nurses were killed in Vietnam. One from a communist rocket which struck her medical facility; and Seven were killed in accidents (one jeep, one helicopter, five during Operation Babylift, when a C-5 Galaxy Transport plane crashed on take off)..

Can you become a police officer with a general discharge from the military?

It depends entirely on the circumstances of the discharge, the number of applicants applying, the ratio of the number of applicants as compared to the number of available positions, and internal regulations of the department. Also bear in mind that different departments have different standards and ( Full Answer )

How many military drafts has the US had?

The US first tried to establish a draft for use in the War of 1812, but the Congress denied James Madison's request. Prior to the US Civil War, the various colonies and later States provided the Militias and the Federal government forces in a manner that they deemed appropriate, usually by providing ( Full Answer )

How many African American Generals officers in the US Marine Corps?

There are, approximitely, five African American Generals in the U.S. Marine Corps that I know of, four are retired and one is currently on active duty. There are more, but not aware of their name's....Will add them when I find out.. They are: . MajGen Charles F. Bolden USMC (Ret.) . MajGen Cliffo ( Full Answer )

How many servicemen are there in the US military?

During the cold war, the US averaged about 2 million men. During the Vietnam War, the US averaged 3 million men; after the Vietnam War in 1975, the US Military abolished the WAC's (Women's Army Corps) and WAVE's (Women Allowed to join the Navy for Emergency Service) and went to the all volunteer mil ( Full Answer )

List of female general officers in US military?

There have been a total of 69 female generals in the US military.That includes 19 in the Army, 28 in the Air Force, 21 in the Navy,and one in the Marines. The list of names include Judith Fedder,Carol Mutter, Frances C. Wilson, Martha Rainville, and ClaudiaKennedy.

How many military bases are in the US?

Number of US Military Bases . There are 440 military bases in the continental United States according to a list of bases posted on the website. Bases in Alaska (3 Army and 3 Navy) and Hawaii (5 Army, 4 Navy & Marine Corps, and one Air Force) make the total 456 for the entire United States. ( Full Answer )

Do US Military Police outrank Warrant officers?

A Warrant Officer is an "officer." If the Military Policeman is enlisted or of a lower rank then, yes, the "Warrant Officer" does outrank him. However, when the Military Policeman is enforcing the law (UCMJ) then it does not matter what the rank of the other service member might be. If they are viol ( Full Answer )

Is the Surgeon General of the US in the military?

No, but they wear the uniform of a Vice Admiral in the U.S. Navy. In 1987, the Office of the Surgeon General (OSG) was reestablished as a staff office within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health. Concomitant with this action, the Surgeon General again became responsible for management of ( Full Answer )

How do you become an officer in the US military?

First you must attend college and complete at the least a Bachelors Degree for an Accredited College or University, then you must make sure you do not have a questionable background (no serious law violations), score well on the ASVAB (depends on branch but have at least a 110 GT score), meet the Ag ( Full Answer )

How many three star officers are in the US Military?

Air Force, Army and Marine Corps . The United States Code explicitly limits the total number of generals that may be concurrently active to 302 for the Army, 279 for the Air Force, and 80 for the Marine Corps. For the Army and Air Force, no more than 16.3% of the service's active duty general offic ( Full Answer )

Can a female felon join the US military?

No more easily than a male felon. There are some classes of felony convictions that may be waived. For specifics on these it would best to contact your local branch recruiter.

How many military ships does the us military?

Hi there, My research shows that the US Military is ranked #1 for its Navy Ship quantity, it is also ranked #1 for the overall strength. Currently the US Military own 1,599 Navy Ships. Hope this helped!

What is the maximum age requirements for joining the US Military as an officer?

United States Code (USC) TITLE 10, Subtitle A, PART II, CHAPTER 33 § 532. Qualifications for original appointment as a commissioned officer . (a) Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense, an original appointment as a commissioned officer (other than as a commissioned warrant of ( Full Answer )

How many soliders are in the us military?

with rising populations one could easily guesstimate millions of soliders. however there could be as many as 1-4million in the military alone

How many branches of military in the us?

The US Military has 5 branches during peace time, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. When the United States declares war, the Coast Guard falls under Homeland Security. So currently there are 4, because of the War on Terror.

Who is the US military general?

US Army General David Petraeus is commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) )and US Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) .

How many military retirees are in the US?

As of 2010 there are 525,494 officer and 1,391,748 enlisted retirees for a total of 1,917,242. See the link below for source information.

Are US military officers allowed to be in political parties?

Yes, they are allowed to be in a political party. They are allowed to be active in the party as well. They can support a candidate through contributions, volunteer work etc. However, they are not allowed to use their status as military officers to promote a candidate or a political agenda. They are ( Full Answer )

Is a female military officer called Sir?

Female military officers are referred to as Ma'am. All junior navalofficers are referred to as Mister or by their rank by theirsuperior officers.

How many Mormons are in the us military?

It is impossible to know for sure, but there are many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the 'Mormon' church) serving in the military, but it would be impossible to know exactly how many. They are not required to disclose their religion to the military, and they are not req ( Full Answer )

How many military parks are in the us?

Since you are asking this in the section dealing with U.S. areas administered by the National Parks Service, I'll presume you're asking about "National Military Parks." There are eight, all near battlefields: Gettysburg, Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania, Chickamauga & Chattanooga, Guilford Courthouse, ( Full Answer )

Are warrant officers still in use in the military?

Yes, Warrant Officers exist in several military forces. In British and Commonwealth forces (as well as some European forces, particularly those liberated by British forces during the Second World War), a Warrant Officer is the equivalent of what's known as a Senior Noncommissioned Officer (E7 and hi ( Full Answer )

Who are the five star Generals of the US military?

There have been six: . George Marshall December 16, 1944 . Douglas MacArthur December 18, 1944 . Dwight D. Eisenhower December 20, 1944 . Henry H. Arnold December 21, 1944 . Omar Bradley September 22, 1950 . Henry "Hap" Arnold December 21, 1944 (Originally promoted in the Army, Hap was an Ar ( Full Answer )

How many Generals of the Army in the US military history?

There have been a total of five soldiers who have held the formal rank of General of the Army (5-star General). They are George Marshall (December 16, 1944), Douglas MacArthur (December 18, 1944), Dwight D. Eisenhower (December 20, 1944), Henry H. Arnold (December 21, 1944), and Omar Bradley (Septem ( Full Answer )

How do you address two female military officers?

Female military officers are either addressed as Ma'am or by theirrank. It is always proper to address any officer by his or herrank. Other options include positional titles such Captain,Commodore or Skipper.