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How many fine art questions are on WikiAnswers?


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There are over 3,000 questions about fine art on WikiAnswers.


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There are over 2,000 questions about art collecting on WikiAnswers.

Many people who love fine art are colloquially referred to as "artophiles."

There are many art galleries where one can view and purchase fine art online. An internet museum will also display fine art. There are several marketplaces online for buying and selling pictures of fine art and one can also use an online auction site to find fine art picture items

folk art is cultural art and fine art is cultural art to

In a galery. Or online at a fine art print retailer like But you can do fine art by yourself to. Just try it!

Art history if you are good at history and Fine art if you can draw. Most people enjoy fine art more.

effect of fine art on fashion design effect of fine art on fashion design

Yes dancing is considered a fine art.

Art Historians and Art Critics are usually the people who put fine art into classifications, or periods.

fine art has to do with more details and visual art is not so much?

Folk art and fine art are determined by the lens of the viewer. Folk art is traditionally done by local artisans while fine art is produced by renown artists.

There are many websites that will create ASCII art out of an uploaded photograph. However, as to how to put such art into an answer on WikiAnswers, it isn't recommended unless the question is very specifically looking for it. Otherwise, it may be construed as vandalism and it can get your account blocked.

Insurance on fine art can be acquired as regular home or auto insurance. On the Fine Art Insurance website, there is an abundance of information on insuring fine art. One can get a quote online for their art pieces as well.

Fine Art Society was created in 1876.

Fine art is mainly for it's beauty and applied art is a term to describe functional art that is aesthetically pleasing.

Fine art or the fine arts describes an art form developed primarily for aesthetics and/or concept rather than practical application

It is a folk art, a democratic art, sometimes a fine art. Really it's a personal question, since there are many differing definitions of art.

There is a difference between "art" and "fine art". Art is a general term and can also refer to ceramics for example. Fine arts, historically, were painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry, with minor arts including drama and dancing. Today, the term "fine arts" is mostly associated with visual art forms.

Information about fine art can be found online on the Fine Art America website and on the Found Myself website. These websites offer a vast collection of fine arts.

hi my name is...... and street art and fine art is alike because they are both art but one is used in a street and one is in a paper

Gerlesborg School of Fine Art was created in 1944.

Madison Museum of Fine Art was created in 2005.

Hakutsuru Fine Art Museum was created in 1934.

Ballarat Fine Art Gallery was created in 1884.

'Fine art' is defined as: art created for purely aesthetic expression, communication, or contemplation. Painting and sculpture are the best known of the fine arts.

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